Besides the corruption charges noted above, here are some more reasons Tesla is a bad investment for the government, for the public and for the investor in general:

* The spread between assets and liabilities is, nearly insane. The company is so leveraged that any problem will put it out of business. The company has increasing problems with battery packs, cooling systems, center consoles, panel fitting, brakes and other manufacturing issues and those issues keep increasing while competing cars are already past those points.

The company has more liabilities than assets. The only way an investor might make money is if everything goes perfect and they have already had recalls. Their market capitalization could vaporize in an instant with the next big screw-up. Investors must pay a premium in order to bet that the screw-ups that keep occurring, like being $100,000.00 off on the BOM PER CAR, will magically just stop.

* The CEO is distracted by rocket ships, making sure his private PR group promotes his self-glory, escorts and other non-critical items at a point when he should be 100% at Tesla and not playing around.

* Working capital and equity are on a trajectory to hit zero.

* Product launches never go well and Tesla has already had many engineering department failures.

* Liability lawsuits for giving the rich CEO buyers testicular cancer from the large EMF output of the car have not been figured into the cash flow charts. They still have not shielded the car.

* A large number of the “long line of orders” are fake orders from Tesla investors and good-old-boy friends of the Tesla investors to pad the books and make it look like demand is bigger than it is. This is proven by the fact that they cut the production run in half.

* Making 5000 cars is a “toy” car company in the real car world. Tesla told the DOE they were going to make and sell a massive number of cars this year. They lied. The other electric car companies are selling huge numbers. Why not Tesla? Because it is a scam company!


If you are already an investor in Tesla, think about this: Tesla Executives knew about every single thing on this site before they asked you to invest. Did they disclose it all to you? If so, then you are a crook too. If they did not disclose all of this to you then they owe you all of your losses per SEC violations.