The Attacks

By now, you probably saw the news about the corrupt politicians, and their billionaire campaign financiers, who sabotaged our projects with “moles”, “trolls”, “tabloids” and a bribe, or two. If not, take a look at these backgrounder sites, the drop-down navigation bar menus, above, under “THE ATTACKS”,  and THESE DOCUMENTS:


From a recent news article:

What Really Happened In the “CleanTech Crash”

-The famous economic fiasco that brought America the spectacular failures of Solyndra, Ener1, Fisker, Abound, and many more, cost taxpayers trillions in losses

Charges in a law enforcement “Demand for Prosecution Notice” tell the inside story:

Multiple individuals, who had an acrimonious relationship with defendants, suddenly turned up dead, while being in perfect health the day prior. Most of them had recently reported misdeeds by the defendants. Their friends and families have publicly implied that they were murdered to keep them quiet. One victim: Solar and hydrogen CEO – Gary D. Conley, was found shot in the head. Surveillance video, from all properties leading to the shooting site, have been subjected to a “failed hard drive”. A Wall Street Journal Reporter, Tesla whistle-blowers, A blogger, multiple Google insiders, and many more, suddenly turned up, mysteriously, dead. Every single one of them had a connection to the defendants. Financial, covert stock exchanges, witness, surveillance and communications records prove this.

A multi-million dollar character assassination, defamation and economic sabotage program was undertaken by the defendants against plaintiffs. Defendants used Gawker Media, Google and In-Q-Tel/New America Foundation to operate these attacks. Defendants had a financial and political interest in Gawker Media, Google and In-Q-Tel/NAF. Gawker Media, Google and In-Q-Tel/NAF shared staff and executives with defendants. Gawker Media, Google and In-Q-Tel/NAF conduited campaign funding to the defendants. Staff from Gawker Media, Google and In-Q-Tel/NAF are still employed by the defendants, and continue to operate the attacks. Gawker Media, Google and In-Q-Tel/NAF and defendants have cross promoted each other in the media and in government negotiations in self-dealing arrangements. Google and In-Q-Tel have conduited billions of dollars of campaign financing, stock, search manipulation and other assets to a huge numbers of Senators, agency heads, law enforcement bosses, Sacramento administrative officials and White House staff. Financial, covert stock exchanges, witness, surveillance and communications records prove this. Plaintiffs engaged in a five year electronic “sting-operation”, which has generated electronic data which also proves the hacks, internet manipulations, DNS re-routing and other electronic portions of the attacks by defendants. The FBI, NSA, DIA, and other agencies, have similar data evidence.

Defendants ordered their staff to manipulate, hide, shred, sabotage, stone-wall or take no action on grant, contract and proposal applications, by plaintiffs, while at the same time promoting and approving inferior proposals for inferior competing products owned by the defendants Cartel. Financial, covert stock exchanges, witness, surveillance and communications records prove this.

The FBI raided one of the defendants assets. Multiple investigation agencies have found, in the records of that asset, ownership, stock manipulation and government contract corruption which traces directly back to the defendants. Financial, covert stock exchanges, witness, surveillance and communications records prove this.

Goldman Sachs has been charged with multiple crimes, against U.S. citizens, by the U.S. Government and state investigators. Goldman Sachs had the key banking relationship and financial strategy role for almost every defendant and made many billions of dollars, at taxpayer expense, off of misdeeds, in this case, by defendants. Goldman Sachs, and their mouthpiece promotion agencies Deloitte and McKinsey consulting, who also staffed the defendants, claimed that their scheme, in published white papers and news reports, circulated in Washington, DC and Sacramento, California, would lead to “Trillions of dollars in exclusive profits” for the Cartel. It is not inconceivable to comprehend how defendants may have engaged in murders, bribery, character assassination and other crimes, in order to gain, over a trillion dollars of, corrupt profits. Financial, covert stock exchanges, witness, surveillance and communications records prove this.

Defendants placed “moles” (people who covertly worked for defendants) inside of plaintiffs companies in order to sabotage plaintiffs efforts and report internal business intelligence data back to defendants which they could use to damage, or circumvent plaintiffs. One defendant: Kliener Perkins, is known to have placed multiple moles. Financial, covert stock exchanges, witness, surveillance and communications records prove this.

California Controller Bill Lockyer, and State Tax Officials, rigged exclusive tax waivers and tax kick-backs for defendants while denying those same favors for plaintiffs. Over 12 California state agencies also gave defendant-controlled, side-by-side, crony corruption schemes: Tesla and Solyndra, hundreds of millions of dollars of political favors for failed technologies while denying those same resources to plaintiffs, whose technologies have become world leaders. Plaintiff’s were “Lois Lerner’d” in retribution. Financial, covert stock exchanges, witness, surveillance and communications records prove this. California State Officials worked with Senator Diane Feinstein to promulgate these kick-back deals, in which the Feinsteins operated multiple criminal conflicts of interest leading them to tens of millions of dollars in ill-gotten profit. Senator Feinstein, personally, ordered the sabotage of some plaintiffs to protect her profiteering scam in this Cartel.

The defendants owned, and controlled, through shell companies, false charities and front groups, mining contracts in countries that were being invaded by the U.S. The defendants promoted acceleration of war efforts in order to profiteer on the chemicals, mined from those war ravaged countries, for exploitation in Tesla and Solyndra under the guise of: “It’s for “green products” don’t question it”; in order to “sucker” taxpayers.

Defendants made hundreds of millions of dollars in profits by skimming cash off the top of incoming government grant and loan money and, duplicitously, also taking tax profits when those same companies went bankrupt. Agency enforcement officers, who were supposed to prosecute all of the crimes listed herein, held stock profits in many of the defendants companies and had a vested interest in seeing plaintiffs fail.

Defendant Elon Musk is documented as having engaged in multiple financial crimes, stock market manipulations, state and federal documentation lies and illegal campaign finance payola. State and federal officials have ordered a “hands-off” protection racket for Musk because his poor control of his hubris is known to be capable of easily linking all of the defendants together. Financial, covert stock exchanges, witness, surveillance and communications records prove this. “

While the document goes on, at great length, documenting additional charges, the point is clear. Even without this clear summation, any member of the public can peruse news stories from 2007 to 2010 to see that all of these events did, indeed, happen and draw the connections to make these charges highly credible. Readers, voters and agencies are encouraged to conduct their own, independent research on this facts. Volumes of research material exist in libraries, news archives, federal reports, lawsuit filings and public testimony.


Members of the public are encouraged to copy the above, DEMAND FOR PROSECUTION, and send it to their elected representatives and all law enforcement agencies with a “request of status”.



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They saw the theft of taxpayer dollars, by federal officials and corrupt campaign billionaires. This is their story. Like the others, who experienced the same abuse,

and many other on-google sites under the search terms: “steven chu corruption” or “solyndra corruption” or “angelgate collusion” or “silicon valley no poaching conspiracy” or “goldman sachs corruption” and related search terms.


It’s called A “HIT JOB”, A “HATCHET JOB”, and/or “CHARACTER ASSASSINATION”. Over 150 covert contractors offer their services to vindictively, and maliciously, attack individuals who are American citizens, taxpayers and/or journalists. They are hired by famous politicians, who you read about everyday. They attack people who “speak-up” and report crime. This is the story of the targets who got attacked by their elected representatives.

Did you get attacked? Join our Bi-Partisan Class Action Lawsuit

Let’s make it illegal for White House staff and senior government officials to try to “KILL THE MESSENGER”!

When a politician wants to have you, the taxpayer, “killed”, or put a media hatchet job out on you, they have access to tens of millions of dollars of dark money, secret PAC cash and government services to use against you. These politicians are YOUR EMPLOYEES. They should never have the ability to attack citizens in retribution for reporting crimes or using their First Amendment Free Speech Rights to speak up. That is not how the Constitution is supposed to work. While this site has a handful of case examples, please know that there are over 10,000 other American taxpayers with similar stories. It is time for Congress to act to protect the public that steps forward!