Woman loses control of Tesla, jumps a curb and OVER a swimming pool before crashing into home’s kitchen in the Bay Area

Dramatic photographs show the trail of destruction left by the 70-year-old when her EV flew over the front yard and swimming pool before ending up embedded in the wall of the home in Bay Area city of San Mateo. Officials from the local police and fire departments were dispatched to the scene at the intersection of Murphy and Ashwood Drive at around 7.10am. Though the front wall of the house was obliterated, no-one was inside at the time and the female driver and her passenger also remarkably escaped unscathed. The driver, who has not been identified, and her 40-year-old daughter who was in the passenger seat, stayed at the scene while cops began investigating.

Elon Musk is a scammer, a liar, a sociopath, a mobster, a racist and a sex deviant who has a hit-job team of private i’s and Fusion GPS-type goons that he sends out to attack, defame, character assassinate and spy on any competitor or reporter that he does not like.

This is just a brief collection of thousands of pretty bad things that Elon has done:

Insulting others regularly:

Elon Musk Calls Transit Expert ‘An Idiot’ and Says Public Transport ‘Sucks’
by inFuturology —

Laughs at competitor. In the same year, Tesla dropped it’s worth while BYD increased theirs.

Spreading fake information:

Refuses to investigate Worker Complaints and fires those who are upset about work conditions:

Attacking the Press for investigating his companies and the respective profits and losses:

And of course rarely meeting promises:

Tracking Elon Musk’s visions, promises and predictions
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He also regularly takes credit for other’s work:

Tesla Using Samsung SDI Battery Cells In 129 MWh South Australia Facility

Bad/Stolen Designs:
— The original designer for Hyperloop. He tried out a prototype in Britain for 3 years, but it wasn’t worth the effort. Elon claims that it’s his design and idea, when it is not.
— Tesla 3 is not a very good car.

— Tesla 3 is also incredibly unsafe and a mechanic’s nightmare.
— Tesla S having severe issues.
— Stealing Evike’s Gun Design, expect the flamethrower not to be released because of this.


So about Musk claiming to work 100+ hours per week…
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For someone who’s so environmentally green, he sure likes to buy a ton of homes and houses for himself.

— Getting sued for False Advertising, something that Musk and his companies do often.

He’s an asshole. You should hate him too. He has lots of promises and lots of words, but very little action. He relies on appealing to one’s emotion and excitement and giving his massive Goldman Sachs stock market manipulation team some BS tripe to pitch to Pension funds and to run pump-and-dumps with.

Tesla also spends hundreds of millions on advertising:

You ever wonder why there’s not many Tesla/Elon Musk ads on TV, Radio or on billboards? It’s because the majority of these hundreds of millions go towards Online Advertising. Yes, I’m talking about astroturfing:

There seem to be professional shills for Elon Musk in /r/worldnews, including a moderator
byu/cMnFsntcNsrtlk inEnoughMuskSpam

(Ever find it strange how Elon and his companies are in the top 50 of r/all literally all the time?)

This is also why Elon Musk and his companies refuse to travel outside of America. Other nations have laws that protect consumers so they know what they’re seeing, but America doesn’t because it’s Corporation before Community.

His lithium, nickel, cobalt and rare earth mines use child labor, allow the rape of workers, are based in bribes and corruption and encourage genocide in foreign nations. Musk doesn’t care…Musk hates blacks!

Musk’s parents loved Apartheid. Musk left South Africa to avoid the end of Apartheid.

The guy that clean’s Nancy Pelosi’s and Dianne Feinstein’s toilet in Congress barely gets paid enough to care for his family yet the Pelosi and Feinstein family cartel pockets tens of millions of dollars per year in stock market bribes from Elon Musk. No citizen gets insider trading deals like that and the SEC never busts any of them!

Musk is the internet equivalent of a self-aggrandizing fame-whore tech Kardashian. Musk has huge numbers of Chinese and Russian click-farms and sock puppet factories that pretend to be Musk “fanboys” on the internet. He uses Palantir and Oracle software to look for any occurence of his name on the internet and then, instantly, send his internet trolls to slam anybody who negs him in the comments sections. Musk has bee professionally diagnosed with “narcissistic personality disorder”, “sociopath tendencies” and an “inability to distinguish crime from normal social behavior”.

He does some stunts for the masses and they ignore all his bad shit for it.

Musk’s lithium ion batteries release cancer-causing toxic smoke when they self ignite in the car. As lithium ion batteries age, the get more and more likely to blow up as the dendrites in the internal chemistry degrade. Lithium ion batteries are not regulated because the Silicon Valley oligarchs and the California Senators own the stock in these dangerous, deadly, toxic, explosive, genocide-causing batteries. Musk and Obama conduit bribes back and forth for their financiers. Musk had to give away the Tesla patents because his staff, who wrote the patents, disclosed how deadly and dangerous his lithium ion batteries are RIGHT IN THE PUBLISHED TEXT OF THE PATENT, which Musk never saw until the patent was published! (Ha!) Bernard Tse, Musk’s battery boss, quite Tesla to start a competing car company because Musk was covering up all the danger’s of the Tesla batteries from Panasonic. Panasonic has been running a “dumping” and bribery program to profiteer on lithium ion batteries and block any other technologies.

He mooches taxpayer money, takes credit for others work and then sells himself as the greatest genius of this century.
I mean, to be a famous genius in history you had to write a book, like the Principia, that literally revolutionized everything or discover an entire realm of our existence we didn’t even know was there. Musk just has a billion dollar public-paid-for PR team and a fake smile.

What the fuck does Musk actually do? Acting like he owns the world 🙂

Musk’s cars and rockets explode because of bad and rushed engineering, his Neuralink company tortures animals for BS mind control chips, His Boring Company tunnels are unsafe and un-needed and he only started it to build billionaire hide-aways underground. All of his “technologies” were copied from someone else.

He’s basically another asshole like Steve Jobs, good at marketing the ideas and products that people working for him make.

He’s a face. Its not like he is the dude who actually makes/programs/designs Tesla’s, their autonomous driving functions, SpaceX, etc. But for some reason he gets kinda meme’d into being some super genius who’s responsible for those things. Then you get weird rumors like “DUDE ELON MUSK IS ACTUALLY THE DUDE WHO INVENTED BITCOIN” which just seems kinda unlikely/improbable.

Sending a Tesla into space seems very egotistical and just pointless compared to the Voyager, and its golden record. It serves a function, it explores space, sends us back information, and contains information that potentially some sentient lifeform could find and learn about us. What would an alien think if they found a Tesla? The fact that we obviously sent out a land based vehicle into space is just kinda dumb. Then if they were able to understand that its more about branding and promoting a car than actually serving a function and is basically just gonna be space garbage. The dude also seems to really want to rush progress. I am all for progress, but you make sacrifices when you want to push things to change too quickly.

Musk just stabs others in the back. This article got buried and it’s too bad because it shows exactly how he operates.
DALE VINCE V ELON MUSK: ELECTRIC CAR TSARS AT WAR OVER MOTORWAY CHARGING STATIONS “…In the City they call them fat-fingered trades — when a trader inadvertently hits the wrong key on his computer and costs his bank millions. The price of the email — sent in error late on Sunday, May 18, last year from a Tesla employee to someone at Ecotricity with the same first name as its intended recipient — has yet to be determined, but it could easily run into the millions too. The email allegedly made clear Tesla’s plans to break up the partnership it had built with Ecotricity to install chargers in service areas and instead to make a direct approach to their operators. Ecotricity says that the email — written in haste after an article last year in The Sunday Times that disclosed Musk’s concept of an electric superhighway in Britain — also revealed Tesla’s intention to blacken Ecotricity’s name with politicians and the media. Instead of being sent to Simon Sproule, then Tesla’s head of corporate communications, the email was sent by mistake to Simon Crowfoot of Ecotricity, alerting the company to Tesla’s plans. Vince said the email was evidence not only of underhandedness but of a “brutal” corporate culture within the American firm. “I have never seen anything approaching Tesla’s behaviour and we have been around 20 years this year and we’ve had some run-ins, you know. I do think it’s cultural — I just think that’s how they operate.” …“I’ve never even met the guy,” he said of Vince. “Initially when we tried working with him he started making all sorts of outrageous demands, so we thought, ‘Well, OK, we’ll just not work with you’ — and then he sued us.”… MORE:

The sooner Tesla goes bust, the better for many countries. Ecotricity is orders of magnitude better than Tesla.

He’s pretty smug for a guy with hair plugs and facial plastic surgery fakery.

His Starlink internet costs $500.00 for the hardware and a hundred bucks a month to have The Silicon Valley Cartel spy on everything that goes over his internet and decide which media is politically correct for you to see. Why would anyone want HIS internet when most internet is free and less spied on? Starlink was Musk’s and Larry Page’s scheme to control all politics by controlling all media. Tell them to “SHOVE IT” by making sure Starlink goes bankrupt!

I remember the battery in Adelaide, Australia he built, where it’s been claimed to ‘prevent/stop blackouts’ and drive the gas business to its knees? The batteries can only hold 5-10 minutes of power.

Elon Musk, Goldman Sachs and Steve Jurvetson uses massive “Flash-Boy” computer arrays to manipulate the stock market and fake up all of the Tesla stock. He never gets arrested because the Pelosi, Harris, Feinstein, Reid families own Tesla and Tesla supplier stock and they put a hold on SEC, FTC and FBI charges against Musk.

He seems to be bi-sexual with his sleep-overs with Larry Page and his sex cult actitivies and Epstein sicko stuff.

Musk started rich with daddy-money and knew how to exploit mining corruption due to his father owning a Jade Mine and his trophy wife mother being a “model” (who dated quite a bit) throughout the 70’s and 90’s. His father screwed his sister and got her pregnant. The whole Musk family is a bunch of sickos. Musk’s insane greed has caused him to spend vast amounts of money covering the fact that his lithium ion batteries explode when they get wet and tend to get more explosive as they age over time. The chemistry inside his lithium ion batteries is the most toxic, deadly, explosive, cancer-causing, environmentally-damaging, worker-poisoning, child-labor mined crap on Earth!

Elon Musk and Elizabeth Holmes are the same kind of lying nut-jobs backed by the same Silicon Valley Scam Tech Cartel!

Life is ultra easy when you’re rich. You can quite literally do anything and everything.

Musk is a mobster propped up by the MSM and the largest and most vast sock-puppet, troll-farm, click-farm contracts on Earth! Nick Denton’s tabloid empire (Gawker, Gizmodo, Jalopnik) work for Musk. Larry Page has Google hype his stock and neg his competitors because Google bosses own Tesla stock. (That’s illegal too – per the SEC and FTC) He has fucked over every wife, supplier, partner, co-founder and employee and it is amazing that one of them have not shot him in the head yet.

He and Goldman Sachs can keep pump-and-dump stock market scams going for the next hundred years from the 2008 Department Of Energy hand-out he first got from the taxpayers. He makes nothing of value to society. He just makes bullshit scams to hype his self-glory.