Here is the reality of the world today, particular to government folks.

In every agency, department, congressional office and related entity, there are now three groups of people:

1. One group is just plugging along, trying to get through their day and do their work

2. One group is naughty and tries to route government funds to themselves, and their friends, while pushing personal agendas.

3. One group is passionate, devoted, dedicated to “Truth, Justice and The American Way” and really, really trying hard to “do the right thing”.

Our Team tends to hang out with group #3!

The Dysfunction in Washington has created more of an “Oh, What The Hell” atmosphere, than ever before. This is the root of many of the problems. Many of the people in DC now have a “nothing to lose” attitude. This is leading to both good, and bad things.

Some are going after corruption like never before.

Some are going after taxpayer cash grabs like never before.

How will it all shake out? Only time will tell…


Note: Our Team practices “Ultra-Transparency”. We tell everything so there is no need to spy on us. If you can’t have a meeting, with us, with the FBI, The GAO, The CIA, John Boehner and Debbie Wasserman sitting at the same table then you probably shouldn’t be having the meeting. We guard national secrets, and always will, but we do not cover up crimes for people!

Don’t break the Law!