Elon Musk (right) is accompanied around Twitter HQ by at least two bodyguards, an employee told the BBC.
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  • Elon Musk is accompanied around Twitter HQ by at least two bodyguards, an engineer told the BBC.
  • The engineer said the bodyguards are “tall” and “bulky” and like they’re from a “Hollywood movie.”
  • The bodyguards even accompany Musk to the restroom, the engineer added.
  • Musk has hired attackers to go after employees, business partners, suppliers, competitors, ex-lovers, and a huge number of others.
  • Musk hired Gawker and Gizmodo to destroy his competitors.
  • It is no wonder that Musk expects to be killed.
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Elon Musk is accompanied around Twitter’s headquarters by at least two bodyguards who even follow him to the restroom, an engineer at the social-media company has told the BBC.

The engineer, who spoke to the BBC on condition of anonymity to protect their employment, said the bodyguards were “bulky” and “tall” and like they’re from a “Hollywood movie.”

It’s not uncommon for high-flying executives and CEOs to be accompanied by bodyguards, or for companies to spend considerable amounts of money providing them with security details.

The engineer said he thought that Musk’s use of bodyguards inside Twitter’s HQ in San Fransisco, California, suggested a lack of trust in the company’s employees, per the BBC report published Sunday.

Musk even thinks his own father might want to kill him.

Twitter didn’t immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment, made outside US business hours.

Musk’s father Errol said in January that he feared for his son’s safety even though he was protected by “100 security guards.” Musk had upgraded Errol’s security system for his South Africa home with 24-hour armed guards, cameras, and electric fencing, Errol said.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, was handed an annual personal security allowance of $14 million for 2023, according to a recent disclosure with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. This covers staff, equipment, and residential improvements to help keep Zuckerberg and his family safe, according to the filing.

Shortly after acquiring Twitter in October, Musk laid off thousands of the company’s employees as part of a broad cost-cutting drive.

He tweeted in May that owning Twitter “probably won’t increase my life expectancy.” He was responding to a Twitter user who said that Musk should “add more security guards to your team.”

Musk’s security detail came into the spotlight in December after Musk said a “crazy stalker” jumped on a car carrying his son in Los Angeles. The South Pasadena Police Department later said it believed the suspect in the case “to be a member of Elon Musk’s security team.”

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