Additional Reports and File Evidence on the Investigations- PAGE 12

A vast, extensive, set of evidence documents and investigation reports have
now been filed in dozens of lawsuits relating to the CARGATE incident. The
following is a small sample of items reporters have been able to acquire.
Items will be added as they become available. You can source original
documents online, in many cases, with a keyword search:

INV277 INV278 INV279 INV280 INV281 INV282 INV283-1 INV283-2 INV284 INV285 INV286 INV287-1 INV287-2 INV288-1 INV288-2 INV288-3 INV288-4 INV289 INV290 INV291-1 INV291-2 INV292-1 INV292-2 INV293-1 INV293-2 INV294-1 INV294-2 INV295 INV296-1 INV296-2 INV297-1 INV297-2 INV297-3 INV298-1 INV298-2 INV298-3 INV299 INV300 INV301-1 INV301-2 INV302-1 INV302-2 INV303 INV304-1 INV304-2 INV304-3 INV305-1 INV305-2 INV305-3 INV306-1 INV306-2 INV306-3

(Please check back. Reporters are sending in daily evidence and sets from their files. Please see earlier pages in this set while new pages are getting sorted)