Why is WordPress.com censoring publishers that publish certain news stories?
Thousands of reports have been coming in, from around the U.S., regarding notices being sent out by WordPress to terminate WordPress users websites, freeze their posting ability, or otherwise censor them for publishing certain news stories.
As web publishers compare notes, they discover that the cut-off’s took place within a short time period of publishing news articles that were critical of White House and/or Silicon Valley billionaires.
Who is giving the hit orders on freedom of speech?
WIKI and online news publishers, in the United States, are supposed to be protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, Freedom of Press and other gauranteed protections.
WORDPRESS has always been thought of as a public fixture, but the tide seems to have turned.
As the New York Times, and other hard copy media, face huge challenges from digital publications, and as Matt Drudge bemoans the clamp-down on public news, dark forces seem to be stripping away the American’s last vestige of hope.
To edit the truth, by censoring all of the new media channels, seems to be an outlandish last-ditch attempt by the corrupt, and powerful, to claw their way out of the hole of transparency that is swallowing them.
Censorship can never be tolerated. The high tech WordPress people are clearly being influences by campaign financier Eric Schmidt and Washington DC big dogs, to shield the truth from the public.
Write WordPress and tell them to stop censoring the media!