Is Google Controlling Your Mind? | Zach Vorhies - Google Whistleblower/ AMPFEST19

Is Google Controlling Your Mind? | Zach Vorhies - Google Whistleblower/ AMPFEST19


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Watch as Google Whistleblower Zach Vorhies elegantly breaks down Google's incredible Orwellian deception at AMPFEST19 in Miami. Vorhies recently gave Project Veritas and the Department of Justice 950 pages on Google.


"Google is a sick corrupt criminal business run by perverts and sociopaths..." SAY GOOGLE'S OWN STAFF

- Google spies on competitors and steals their technology
- Google runs tens of millions of dollars of defamation attacks against competitors
- Google hides all media and news coverage for competitors of Larry Page's boyfriend: Elon Musk
- Google lies to the public about what they really do with the public's data
- Google promotes illegal immigration in order to get cheap labor and control votes
- Google runs VC funding back-lists against start-ups that are competitive
- Google bribes thousands of politicians
- Google is a criminal RICO-violating monopoly
- Google rigs the stock market with Flash-boy, Pump/Dump and Microblast SEC violating computer tricks
- Google pays bribes to politicians in Google and YouTube stock
- Google manipulates who gets to see what web-sites, globally, for competitor black-lists
- Google has a "no poaching" Silicon Valley jobs blacklist
- Google bosses sexually abuse women and young boys
- Google bosses run sex trafficking operations in the Epstein and NXVIUM cults
- Google bosses control the NVCA financing cartel over start-ups
- Google has placed the majority of the corporate staff in at least one White House
- Google controls national elections for anti-competitive purposes
- The company "Polyhop", in the HOUSE OF CARDS tv show, does all the crimes that Google actually does in reality
- Google's law firms, like Wilson Sonsini, are corrupt conduits for payola and political conduit-relays
- Google bribes some politicians with revolving door jobs
- Google is primarily responsible for destroying the Bay Area Housing opportunities
- Google runs DDoS attacks on competitors by massively crawling their sites
- Google boss Andy Rubin runs a sex slave farm according to his own family
- Google boss Eric Schmidt was a philandering sex-penthouse owner according to vast news articles
- Google executives hire so many hookers that one of them, Mr. Hayes, was killed by his hooker
- Google executives sexually abuse so many women that the women staff of Google walked out one day
- In the 2009 White House, you could not swing a cat without hitting a Google insider
- Google has paid covert bribes, PAC funds, real estate and search rigging payola to every CA Senator
- Google has paid bribes, through its lobby fronts, to halt FBI, SEC, FEC and FTC investigations of Google crimes
- Google was funded by the CIA, via In-Q-Tel, a so called "501 c3 charity" which was caught with tons of cocaine
- Google gets millions of dollars of taxpayer cash for spying on Americans inside the USA
- Google's map service was a spy system paid for by taxpayers money that Google now profits off of
- Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein have promised to "protect" Google because their families profit off Google stocks
- Payment receipts prove that Google and Gawker/Gizmodo exchanged cash and staff for Character Assassination attacks
- Google VC's and bosses have spent $30M+ rigging the U.S. Patent Office to protect Google and harm Google competitors
- Google bribed it's lawyer into position as head of the U.S. Patent office in order to have her protect Google
- To rig insider stock trades, Google hides negative Tesla stories and pumps positive Tesla stories on "push days"
- Google and Elon Musk Co-own, co-invest and co-market stocks covertly while running anti-trust schemes
- Google rarely likes, or hires, black employees per federal and news media investigations
- Google hired most of the Washington, DC K Street lobby firms and told them to "do what ever they could"
- The film: "Miss Sloane" depicts only 2% of the illicit lobbying tactics Google employs daily
- Demands for an FTC and FBI raid of Google, for criminal activity, securities law and election felonies have been filed
- Google's David Drummond had his Woodside, CA Quail Road house bugged revealing sex and financial misdeeds

Google, and it’s Cartel (Alphabet, Youtube, and hundreds of other shell-company facades) are a criminal organization engaged in felony-class crimes. Google’s bosses bribe politicians, regulators and law enforcement officials to hold off prosecution.

At Google: Kent Walker, Andy Rubin, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, Sergy Brin, Jared Cohen, Yasmin Green, David Drummond and Ian Fette are so enmeshed in sex scandals, election manipulation, and White House bribes that it is hard to comprehend how they can get any legitimate work done.

Between all of the sex cult activity; hookers; rent boys; political bribes to Pelosi, Harris, Newson, and Feinstein; DDoS attacks they run; CIA and NSA stealth deals; privacy harvesting; Scientology-like employee indoctrination; cheap Asian labor; covert Axciom scams and other illicit things they get up to; one just has to wonder.

Some of the largest political bribes in American or European history were paid via billions of dollars of pre-IPO cleantech stock, insider trading, real estate, Google search engine rigging and shadow-banning, sex workers, revolving door jobs, nepotism, state-supported black-listing of competitors and under-the-table cash. Why are these Silicon Valley Oligarchs and their K-Street law firms and lobbyists immune from the law?

U.S. Senators, Agency Heads and Congress are bribed by Google intermediaries with: Billions of dollars of Google, Twitter, Facebook, Tesla, Netflix and Sony Pictures stock and stock warrants which is never reported to the FEC; Billions of dollars of Google, Twitter, Facebook, Tesla, Netflix and Sony Pictures search engine rigging and shadow-banning which is never reported to the FEC; Free rent; Male and female prostitutes; Cars; Dinners; Party Financing; Sports Event Tickets; Political campaign printing and mailing services "Donations"; Secret PAC Financing; Jobs in Corporations in Silicon Valley For The Family Members of Those Who Take Bribes And Those Who Take Bribes; "Consulting" contracts from McKinsey as fronted pay-off gigs; Overpriced "Speaking Engagements" which are really just pay-offs conduited for donors; Private jet rides and use of Government fuel depots (ie: Google handed out NASA jet fuel to staff); Real Estate; Fake mortgages; The use of Cayman, Boca Des Tores, Swiss and related money-laundering accounts; The use of HSBC, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs and Deustche Bank money laundering accounts and covert stock accounts; Free spam and bulk mailing services owned by Silicon Valley corporations; Use of high tech law firms such as Perkins Coie, Wilson Sonsini, MoFo, Covington & Burling, etc. to conduit bribes to officials; and other means now documented by us, The FBI, the FTC, The SEC, The FEC and journalists.

Google and Youtube are based on technology and business models that Google and YouTube stole from small inventors who had launched other companies that were up and operating before YouTube or Google even existed as business operations.

Google holds the record for the largest number of corporate sex scandals, abuses and sex trafficking charges.

There are only two kinds of people that work at Google: 1.) Cult indoctrinated naive kids with odd sexual quirks and 2.) divisive managers and executives who seek to exploit those eco-chambered employees for nefarious political and stock market manipulation purposes under the Scientology-like guise of "doing good things", when, in fact, they are engaged in horrific crimes against society.

Google has hired almost every technology law firm in order to "conflict them out" from ever working to sue Google. If Google rapes you, robs your patents or does anything awful, you won't be able to find a lawyer to help you.

Most Google executives in control of Google have been indoctrinated by family dynasties to believe that any crime is justified by a bigger cause. Most of those executives are men. The few women in control of departments are figure-heads.

Google bosses attend the same parties and business meetings in which they collude, co-lobby, rig markets and make anti-trust violating plans together.

Google is a private government with more money and power than most smaller nations. Google has more lobbyists bribing more politicians than any other company in America.

Jared Cohen and fashion show-horse Yasmin Green at Google had the job of over-throwing countries in the Middle East. They openly bragged about it. ( )

People that work at Google get paid $260,000.00+ per year to lie, spy, manipulate politics, bribe politicians and engage in other crimes. For that kind of money, a person will doing ANYTHING and rationalize it as "part of the higher cause".

The Project X investigation team is publicly quoted as stating: "...give the same number of lawyers as Google has, with the same level of skills and experience, the same discovery budget, legal expenses budget and expert witness budget, we ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE that we can put Google staff and investors in federal prison and close Google, in bankruptcy...the Google Cartel has engaged in that much criminal activity..."

"Google is the largest financier of the Obama political campaign and exceeded FEC campaign spending limits by tens of billions of dollars. We can prove this in a jury trial, a Grand Jury hearing and a live Congressional hearing.

Google is the largest staffing source of the Obama Administration. We can prove this in a jury trial, a Grand Jury hearing and a live Congressional hearing.

The largest number of laws and policy decisions, benefiting a single company and it's investors, went to: Google. We can prove this in a jury trial, a Grand Jury hearing and a live Congressional hearing.

Google, and it's investor's are the single largest beneficiary of the Obama Administration. We can prove this in a jury trial, a Grand Jury hearing and a live Congressional hearing.

The Obama Administration only won the White House because Google and Facebook engaged in the largest digital media and search engine manipulation in human history. We can prove this in a jury trial, a Grand Jury hearing and a live Congressional hearing.

Google, and it's investors, during the Obama Administration, had most of their competitors denied funding, grants, contracts and tax waivers while Google's investors GOT funding. We can prove this in a jury trial, a Grand Jury hearing and a live Congressional hearing and prove that Google coordinated anti-trust violations with senior Obama Administration White House staff...."

Google operates it's staffing like a Scientology cult. They control their employees lives, information, transportation, free time, entertainment and social life. A Google life is a glass-bubble of echo-chamber extremist, hyper-sex-kink, reinforcement.

Google Deletes Videos Accusing It of Election Manipulation from YouTube... Which It Owns (

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With All These Big Tech Revelations, This Proves The 2018 Midterms Were Stolen. Devastating Project Veritas report sheds light on Google's collusion with Democrats.

With All These Big Tech Revelations, This Proves The 2018 Midterms Were Stolen. Devastating Project Veritas report sheds light on Google's collusion with Democrats. (

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Trump Slams Google As Veritas Censorship Controversy Escalates

White House Slams Google As Veritas Censorship Controversy Escalates (

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Google's NSA Again Exposed For Unauthorized Collection Of Americans' Phone Records (

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What exactly is google's business model besides selling ads no one clicks on and selling people's data to the NSA? (AskVoat)



So the "russian hackers" meddling in the election was Google all along. Why isn't this the biggest story in America right now? None of the "trusted" news sources have commented on this at all. (politics)

by shadow332


Google stealthily infuses political agenda into products to prevent Trump reelection, insiders, documents say.

Google stealthily infuses political agenda into products to prevent Trump reelection, insiders, documents say. (

by Ex-Redditor


Google Chrome is Tracking Your Every Move and Storing It, This is How to Stop It

Google Chrome is Tracking Your Every Move and Storing It, This is How to Stop It (

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Google Chrome Has Become Surveillance Software, It's Time to Switch |

Google Chrome Has Become Surveillance Software, It's Time to Switch | (

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Project Veritas has been lifting back the veil covering big tech companies and their nefarious activities following the 2016 election. They tried to play left-leaning-but-mostly-fair before the 2016 election, believing in their hearts that Hillary Clinton would be President without their concerted meddling. That didn’t work out for them, so they are trying to prevent “another Trump situation” in 2020 by unabashedly purging, silencing, and censoring conservatives on platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

(Article by Michio Hasai republished from

The answers delivered today before Congress in response to questions by Representative Dan Crenshaw weren’t the standard denials. They were politically manipulative answers designed to make it known they’re doing what we’ve said they were doing all along, but they feel justified in doing it because “hate speech” must be stopped at all costs. Of course, what constitutes hate speech to the social justice warriors in big tech invariably circles around conservative thought. There is no form of hate speech short of physical threats that can be attributed to progressives, at least not in the minds of the people who control big tech. If conservatives are aggressive, they’re delivering hate speech. If progressives are aggressive, they’re just being truthful. That’s what big tech thinks.

This is the worst-case scenario for conservatives. Before, we could call them liars and cheats. Now, we have to fight them on an ideological level, and while we have the truth on our side, they have the technology. They have the eyeballs. They control what people see and don’t see. And as such, they can no longer be trusted to deliver anything even remotely close to fair and balanced. They’re unhinged from reality, but instead of coming back to reality once exposed, they’re building a new reality around their ideologies.

Russia may arrest Google employees for running Google as a manipulative service containing hidden political insertions affecting the human subconscious

Russian government will now arrest those who try to 'control minds' via mass web manipulation
Google was created to push liberal leftist political messages on the subconscious
Research exposes Google as insidious mind-control political shill
No matter your political persuasion, it is unfair and manipulative for Google to control minds ANY political purposes

By Sophie Tanno For Mailonline

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A Russian journalist has been accused of 'controlling minds' and 'affecting the human subconscious' after referencing George Orwell's 1984 in an article.

Mikhail Romanov, a reporter for the Yakutsk Vecherniy weekly, was writing a story on the alleged torture of an academic.

Police in Russia's republic of Sakha charged Romanov after they suspected him of trying to tap into the readers' sub-conscience, Russian newspaper Kommersant reported.
Mikhail Romanov, a reporter for the Yakutsk Vecherniy weekly, was writing a story on the alleged torture of an academic (stock)

Mikhail Romanov, a reporter for the Yakutsk Vecherniy weekly, was writing a story on the alleged torture of an academic (stock)
A Russian journalist has been accused of 'controlling minds' and 'affecting the human subconscious' after referencing George Orwell's 1984 (pictured) in an article

A Russian journalist has been accused of 'controlling minds' and 'affecting the human subconscious' after referencing George Orwell's 1984 (pictured) in an article

Romanov's editor told the publication: 'This is a story about how anyone can be squashed by the government machine.

'It's also about how Big Brother is watching, reading all comments on online forums.'

This is understood to be the first time a journalist will be tried under Russia's new legislation punishing those who are perceived to have published information 'containing hidden insertions affecting the human subconscious. '

The case has been forwarded to a Yakutsk city court.
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Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple: these companies, the big 5, know almost everything about your life. They know what websites you go to, what y...

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The Google empire has paid more political bribes to politicians around the globe than any other company on Earth. ... MSNBC segment on Hidden and Subliminal Messages ...
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Google manipulates your searches for you to be subconsciously swayed — let that sink in. We are dealing with that today. 2020 Election: Who Decides? Google meddling with the 2020 election? We will cover it, but also go back in history and explain that this is NOT a new development. Manipulation, deception: It starts often as subliminal.
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Subliminal messages are perceived by the unconscious brain. There is not as much subliminal messaging happening in the US now as previously reported, but there could be subtle messages that are received unconsciously. Messaging has probably been used by or political operatives, yet it may not work.
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The FCC fielded the incident, and subsequently condemned such tactics as being "contrary to the public interest"; it's believed to be the first example of subliminal advertising on television.
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Subliminal messages, on the other hand, are likewise real and similar to supraliminal messages except that the signal or stimulus is below our threshold of conscious awareness. In other words, you cannot consciously perceive a subliminal message, even if you search for it.

Featured Image
View of outside Google's office in Beijing on Nov 3, 2013 in Beijing, China.
Calvin Freiburger Calvin Freiburger Follow Calvin

Google likely ‘thoroughly infiltrated’ by Chinese govt., expert warns

alex stamos, big tech, china, cybersecurity, facebook, google, internet, peter thiel, richard clarke, russia

July 19, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Tech billionaire Peter Thiel recently called on the federal government to investigate Google for potential infiltration by the Chinese government, and now security experts are saying his concerns are well-founded.

Thiel, one of President Donald Trump’s most high-profile gay supporters and an avowed critic of Silicon Valley, made the remarks at last weekend’s National Conservatism Conference, Axios reports. He called on the FBI and CIA to ask Google, “how many foreign intelligence agencies have infiltrated your Manhattan Project for AI”; “does Google's senior management consider itself to have been thoroughly infiltrated by Chinese intelligence”; and whether this alleged infiltration is why the company works with China’s military but not America’s.

“I'm not sure quite how to put this, I would like them to be asked [these questions] in a not excessively gentle manner,” Thiel added.

Alex Stamos, a researcher with the Stanford Internet Observatory and former chief security officer at Facebook, said Tuesday it was “completely reasonable” to assume that both the Chinese and Russian governments have, in some form or another, already infiltrated not only Google but every top tech company:

Note that “subverted” is very different than planting professional spies in “The Americans” style. Each of the big companies employs thousands of employees with family members under the control of these countries, and a gov request might be simple and seem borderline reasonable.
— Alex Stamos (@alexstamos) July 16, 2019

I expect that there will be a major combined HUMINT/InfoSec attack against a major tech company revealed in the next couple of years, which will trigger the same awakening that Project Aurora did in 2009.
— Alex Stamos (@alexstamos) July 16, 2019

BTW, I don’t blame the foreign-born employees at all. They are just trying to make a good living doing interesting work. If MSS had *my* Mom I would do whatever they asked.
— Alex Stamos (@alexstamos) July 16, 2019

Stamos predicted that the “next couple of years” would see the revelation of a “major combined HUMINT/InfoSec [human intelligence/information security] attack against a major tech company.”

He’s not the only one who advises that Thiel’s warnings be taken seriously. Richard Clarke, a former counterterrorism and cybersecurity advisor to both Democrat and Republican presidents, told CNBC Wednesday there was cause for concern.

“Here’s what I think is true: Google refused to work for the Pentagon on artificial intelligence,” Clarke said. “If you turn around and you work on artificial intelligence in China, and you don’t really know what they’re going to do with that, I think there’s an issue.”

The internet giant has denied working with the Chinese military, but opened an artificial intelligence center in Shanghai in 2017 despite the Communist regime’s strict speech and internet controls. On Tuesday, Google executive Karan Bhatia testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee that the company has terminated a controversial censored search engine it had been working on for China.

Clarke added that there was no meaningful distinction between Google working with Chinese companies and the Chinese government, given the level of state control in the country.

The specter of foreign influence on the tech industry further intensifies its ongoing controversies regarding political bias and censorship and violations of user privacy. Responding to Thiel’s original comments, President Trump said Tuesday that his administration will “take a look” at the matter.

[–] gazillions

Google being biased is glaringly obvious even to a retard. Google forcing their employees to support them politically is a human rights violation.

Th old railroad barons a hundred years ago were bad people, but no where near as abusive as google is to the employees. The old railroad tycoons had their supporters too who thought strikers and protesters against their tyranny were awful people.

Silicon Valley just indoctrinated their followers and employees by brainwashing them first like any cult does. "Do no evil" was always a smarmy block of shit in pixels, no different than the purple dinosaur singing "I love you, you love me". The purple dinosaur never loved you one little bit. It was a lie, and parents had no business being such gullible suckers and allowing their children to be lied to by an actor in a fuzzy suit.


[–] geraldo-0

forcing their employees to support them politically is a human rights violation.

>Civil and political rights are a class of rights that protect individuals' freedom from infringement by governments, social organizations, and private individuals. They ensure one's entitlement to participate in the civil and political life of the society and state without discrimination or repression.

From the first time they censored, shadow-banned people who opposed their way of viewing world, far-left, SJW, leftards has put cornerstone to civil rights movement 2.0, including people who are at the rock bottom and uppermost stairs of oppresion. Clearly, this is infingement of rights by gov and private entities, which has been ignored from by the time it was apparent that such violation is well spread and not a unique case.

Those at silicon valley had no idea that their attempt to have conservative and alike voice removed/deplatformed is someway resemble how "white" and "colored" segregation works; which is no brainer considering that they did not pay any attention to "obscure" details and only remember famous persons who was oppressed at that time.

So, don't spout only " Hate speech is Freee speech". Tell them that when some peers mock center-right personalities by reenacting what happened prior to Civil Rights Act of 1968,throwing liquids to nigger who ignored the sign, isn't a good joke since political affiliation is covered in protected class in District of Columbia, IA,WV state, which put them as the white fellas and anyone who didn't entirely agree with them as the blacks in this reenactment.

If anyone reading this is somehow connected to parliement from local council to state, consider ammending the laws to add political affiliation as one of class covered by "(unfounded)hate crimes". We won't need to see bike lock attacker and his copycat got sweetheart deals. Share this to Trump, since who doesn't love for shit and giggles watching leftards kvetching having cognitive dissonance episode explaining why adding another class would hurt other classes that already existed in last statue


Step 1: begin building foundational zeitgeist in pre-K through grade 12.

Step 2: con pupil into taking massive loan in order to obtain degree in advanced doctrine of zeitgeist.

Step 3: place pupil into career path to pay off massive loan.

Step 4: threaten to remove livelihood of career path if pupil questions established zeitgeist.

Is Taylor Swift The True Sign Of the End Times

Search giant’s culture wars flame anew; a senior executive contacts law enforcement over leaks

Kevin Cernekee says he was fired by Google last year for being an outspoken conservative on the company’s freewheeling internal message boards. Jason Henry for The Wall Street Journal

Rob Copeland

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—Kevin Cernekee was still a “Noogler”—Google’s term for a new employee—when his conservative take on political and social issues raised hackles within the search giant.

After several posts on the company’s freewheeling internal message boards in early 2015 rankled some colleagues, he was given an official warning from human resources about conduct deemed disrespectful and insubordinate. Around that time, a senior manager wrote on the boards that he added Mr. Cernekee to a “written blacklist” of employees he wouldn’t work with.

Mr. Cernekee, 41 years old, spent much of the next three years battling Google over his perceived violations, and pressing his contention that right-leaning employees were being treated unfairly, according to interviews, documents and copies of posts on Google’s internal message boards. In one example from 2017 that he reported to human resources, a manager publicly asked on a board about employees holding views like Mr. Cernekee's: “Can’t we just fire the poisonous assholes already?”

In June 2018, Mr. Cernekee was fired.

Google told Mr. Cernekee in a termination letter that he was let go for misuse of equipment including its remote-access software system. Mr. Cernekee, who hasn’t spoken publicly before about his status at Google, denies that. He says he was fired for being an outspoken conservative in famously liberal Silicon Valley.

“Historically, there’s been a lot of bullying at Google,” Mr. Cernekee says. “There’s a big political angle, and they treat the two sides very differently.”

A Google spokeswoman, Jenn Kaiser, declined to comment on the specific incidents described in this article involving Mr. Cernekee and other employees. “We enforce our workplace policies without regard to political viewpoint,” Ms. Kaiser said in a statement.

Political bias in the technology world is a headline topic in Washington, D.C., where Republicans on Capitol Hill and the Trump administration are increasingly ramping up heat on Alphabet Inc. GOOG +0.52% ’s Google and other tech platforms over perceived bias against conservatives. Google’s global policy chief testified in July to Congress that political leanings don’t factor into the company’s decision making.

Mr. Cernekee’s allegations also highlight Google’s mounting struggle to rein in its fractious workplace, which has long been a place of debate over free expression. The company historically has tolerated, and even encouraged, argument on hot-button issues. Employees globally walked out last year to protest multimillion-dollar exit packages for executives accused of sexual misconduct, and Google subsequently changed some of its conduct policies.

Google has long promoted an open corporate culture, including message boards in which employees across the world share opinions on both business and personal topics.
Kent Walker, Google’s chief legal officer. Photo: aaron bernstein/Reuters

Recently, though, it has taken steps to put limits around certain employee behavior. Chief Legal Officer Kent Walker has threatened to fire workers poking around inside the company for information on contentious topics like Google’s cloud-computing relationship with the U.S. Defense Department, people familiar with the matter say. Mr. Walker wrote to staff in May, “more than ever, we need to take good care of the information we hold.”

In a mid-July memo widely distributed to staff, Google said it had contacted law enforcement about an employee who released unspecified confidential information externally. The email reminded staffers to flag suspected behavior to its “Stop Leaks” team.

“Lively debate is a hallmark of Google’s workplace culture,” Ms. Kaiser said.

Google employees across the political spectrum say rancor has risen since the 2016 election. Conservative staff started an affinity group where workers must apply to be let in. Liberal sympathizers of Google’s employee walkout separately founded their own closed group, dubbed “transparency and ethics.” A group called “free speech” is little used, employees say, as the term becomes more charged.

In July, a white YouTube employee, Christopher Cukor, was filmed calling the police on a black man he suspected of breaking into his San Francisco apartment building. Mr. Cukor later apologized after it turned out the man was visiting a friend. Google owns YouTube.

In the aftermath, some Google and YouTube employees wrote on internal message boards that Mr. Cukor’s presence made them feel unsafe, and that they would refuse to work with him, several people familiar with the matter said. Mr. Cukor wrote in a blog post that his father had been murdered by a trespasser outside his home.

Last week, a senior Google engineer, Gregory Coppola, gave interviews to a pair of conservative media outlets and suggested the company was politically biased toward the left. Hours later, he received a call from human resources putting him on administrative leave and disabling his access to internal systems, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The walkout organizers, who lean left, also have complaints. They say the company retaliated against them because of their activism. Former YouTube marketing manager Claire Stapleton says she was “branded with a scarlet letter” and demoted because of her outspokenness. Google says it investigated her claims and found them false. Ms. Stapleton quit in June with a severance package, she says.

Mr. Cernekee didn’t receive a payout. A Chicago-area native, he is in some ways the prototypical Silicon Valley engineer. He repairs old computer equipment in his spare time and bikes on the weekends.
Mr. Cernekee, recently standing outside the Googleplex in Mountain View, Calif., describes himself as a mainstream Republican who supports President Trump. Photo: Jason Henry for The Wall Street Journal

His political stances, however, are outliers. Some 95% of Google employee donations to candidates in the 2018 midterm elections went to Democrats, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, citing public disclosures.

Before moving to the Bay Area in 2015 to work on Google’s laptop lines, Mr. Cernekee says, the region’s dominant liberalism struck him as “just like something to occasionally read online and laugh at. At Google, I jumped right into the middle of it, where, holy crap, these people actually exist.”
Share Your Thoughts

Have you ever voiced political opinions at work? What happened as a result? Join the conversation below.

Early on, he stood up for a colleague who publicly suggested that Google not consider race or gender in hiring decisions. “A bunch of people jumped on him and started cussing him out and calling him names,” Mr. Cernekee says. “And then his manager showed up in the thread and denounced him in public. I was very disturbed by that.”

In other posts from 2015, some of which were later cited by the company in a warning letter, he criticized a self-described feminist colleague on an internal message board, suggesting she should be more resilient to criticism. In another thread, he suggested the company add a clear statement of banned opinions to the employee handbook so conservative employees would know where the lines were drawn.

In July 2017, Google software engineer James Damore posted an internal memo suggesting that men were biologically better suited for tech jobs than women. Mr. Cernekee, who says he doesn’t share that view, offered to buy Mr. Damore lunch out of curiosity.

The two were splitting a thin-crust supreme pizza when Mr. Cernekee’s phone buzzed with a news alert that Mr. Damore’s memo had been leaked publicly. Within a week, Mr. Damore was fired. Mr. Damore is currently in arbitration with Google over his termination.

At the time, CEO Sundar Pichai publicly denounced Mr. Damore’s views. To suggest that “colleagues have traits that make them less biologically suited to that work is offensive and not OK,” Mr. Pichai said in an email to employees.

Mr. Cernekee also crossed with Republicans internally. One fellow engineer active in the company’s conservative circles, Michael Wacker, internally circulated a dossier describing Mr. Cernekee as “the face of the alt-right” at Google. Mr. Cernekee rejects the label. He says he disagrees with alt-right philosophy, which promotes white nationalism, and considers himself a mainstream Republican who supports President Trump. Mr. Wacker was separately fired this spring; he says Google human resources warned him his behavior was “rude and dishonest.”

Conservative employees say they’ve tried to raise concerns about unfair treatment to top Google executives at the company’s weekly all-hands meetings, but their queries haven’t made it through because questions must be voted up by a large number of employees to be heard.

Mr. Cernekee calls himself a whistleblower and has filed complaints with the National Labor Relations Board. Several were denied; the original is pending. He’s submitted materials including a human resources warning letter that says he violated the “Respect Each Other” section of the company’s code of conduct.

Among the posts cited was one in which he wrote that “many Googlers strongly disagree with Social Justice theory and even more Googlers are concerned about the ‘internet mob’ shaming and intimidation tactics employed in support of this agenda.” The human resources executive wrote: “Many Googlers were offended by your comments.” Human resources flagged one such comment in which Mr. Cernekee described himself as a second-class citizen, saying Google’s conduct policy bans “unbusinesslike behavior.”

The NLRB declined to comment.

Mr. Cernekee says he has spent more than $100,000 on legal fees. He now works for another technology company.

“I very much regret joining Google,” he says. “I figured it would be a good place to see intelligent arguments through. It didn’t really turn out how I expected.”
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