U.S. Congress asked to shut Google down within 90 days of election


By AMFLIC, Paul Steeg and Amy Lasker


The law is clear in every state and nationwide: There is no campaign advertising allowed within so many feet of a polling station.

Google is breaking that law in every state.

Google, now under suspicion of manipulating votes in the Presidential election in Iowa, has raised the ire of most campaign managers. Google advertises and messages voters from INSIDE of polling stations. While you are waiting to vote, Google is steering you. As you are in the lead-up week to election day, Google is pounding you with silent sledgehammers of psychological manipulation.

Google uses subliminal messaging and psychological tricks to trick voters to vote for Hillary, Google’s current covert benefactor. Google uses the same kind of tricks that Twinkies use.

You know Twinkies are nasty yellow things with mysterious alien goo in the middle but you can’t stop buying them. Why? They are formulated with all of the addictive chemicals and food material combinations that set off the addictive node in your brain. You think you are doing something fun while your teeth and liver are being rotted away. Google: Same thing!

Cigarette and alcohol manufacturers use the same trick of profiteered addiction. You always say “I should try to quit”…but you never can.

Whether or not you are a Democrat or a Republican, you are probably against digital brainwashing and unseen electronic manipulation of your thoughts.

Google can vibrate your pocket, video you, send you videos, phone you, send you campaign voice-mails and text you and it knows, via cell phone tower and satellite signals, exactly the second you walk near a polling place. It is insidious.

Many believe that Eric Schmidt and Sergey Brin, at Google are so insanely mad for power that they would do anything, to anybody in order to keep their slimy grip on the White House. Those who believe them to be ego-maniacal sociopaths feel that they would take the most criminal of measures to hold their personal grasp on Washington DC.

Google is like a pyramid. At the bottom of the pyramid are thousands of 20-something bearded, wide eyed programmers who will do anything for free iced coffee. They have no clue what they are working on and they don’t care. Above them are the managers who know what they are working on but must figure out how to sell it to each little beard so that they don’t figure out what they are really doing. There are only a few hundred of them. Above them are the Machiavellian senior managers, about 40 of them. They have drunk the Kool Aid and bought into Eric’s, Larry Page’s and Sergey’s sinister dream. Larry, Eric, Sergey and a few guys from Kleiner Perkins are at the top of the heap. They give the order to do incredible evil that gets filtered, and green-washed, down to the beards. With a single memo, Schmidt can order a candidate’s brand turned into crap or delete an entire corporation off of the web.

That is the monopolistic, avenging demon power these twisted billionaires have.

Google is a tool created to control internet users without their knowledge. This is not a secret. It says this in Google’s own patents, EU investigations and millions of blogs. Just like cigarettes, booze, drugs and sex, social media addiction grabs voters and manipulates them to keep checking in, reporting your location, reporting what you like (for psychological analysis by Google) and being digital sheep.

The Republicans are taking it up the butt because most top Republicans are older people who did not get into the internet thing. They don’t realize that their entire voter base under 45 is Google’s bitch. They don’t get it that social media sucks the very voters up before they even reach them.

Bernie Sanders got it. Even for a liberal older guy he knew that Microsoft was manipulating software to help Hillary and he called it out in the public media. Microsoft: Busted!

Google, though, has spent a decade getting even better at rigging elections than when it steered the 2007 election to Obama. Obama has given Google tens of billions of dollars of government handouts, tax waivers, IRS and FTC investigation shut-downs and government contracts as payola for rigging the game. Now Hillary has promised Google the same deal if they put her in office.

Google changes links to send your search to Eric Schmidt’s favorite political sites. Google puts one thing next to another to make something appear more important than it is in actual life.

Google results pages are rife with invisible spy-ware, monitoring codes, P8 hidden data cues that tell you something is a fact only if Eric Schmidt thinks it is a fact, and a vast number of other psychological manipulation tricks that would make a North Korean brainwashing team shudder in admiration.

The old guys in the Republican party aren’t going to know what hit them come November. The plan at Google is to make it look like Sanders might make it, but then pull the rug out from under every candidate on election night with a shocker Hillary win.

By now, everyone should know that Google spies on everything you do and keeps a daily updated psychological profile on you. What you don’t know is how Google uses tricks, that are almost impossible for a non-computer mind to comprehend, to manipulate voters without their knowledge.

If you are a political campaign staffer and you don’t know what a “P8 Authority Code” is, you have already lost the entire campaign.

Advocates for election fairness are asking all voters, from every party, to write their elected officials, now, at this link:

and tell them you want a fair election this time, tell them to shut down Google until November 16.