Typical Insane San Francisco Yuppie Karen Shows How Sick SF Really Is

San Francisco start-up founder filmed screaming at ambulance parked in cycle lane says paramedic was checking her PHONE, but admits she sounded ‘crazy’ in clip that’s gone viral 

A California cyclist who went viral after filming herself screaming at an ambulance parked in a bike lane said the paramedic was on her phone – and admits she sounds ‘crazy’ in the video.

Is San Francisco horrible? San Francisco has arguably the most beautiful bridge in the world, plus its unique among US cities because of its steepness in some areas—-To see San Francisco at its best,see the Alfred Hitchcock film ertigo (1958) with James Stewart—Its also the costliest city in the country because of high demand to reside there 5
Another big factor as to why San Francisco sucks is that these trends don’t seem to be reversing. Rather than taking any steps to house the homeless, or to address the epidemic of addiction that underlies their destitution, city officials kick the can down the road.
23 Things That Suck About Living in San Francisco (and 5 That Make It Worth It) San Francisco, CA, United States Victor Beigelman Sep 3, 2013 1. Rent Let’s get this one out of the way. Rent is high. 2. Peter Shih / start-up bros Oh Peter Shih. We love you. You took a stab at a satirical blasting of San Francisco and fell horribly, terribly flat.
It’s packed, and transit sucks, but you accept it. Maybe it’s apathy or maybe not, I’m not sure, but you do get over the hatred. Or maybe you just really loved the way San Diego was, and there really aren’t too many comparisons to make between the two cities, so if you’re looking for an SD experience, you may just be in the wrong city.
it’s expensive as hell out here, like seriously, even fast food is at least a dollar more here than on the other side of the bay, and you have to pay a lot for a shitty place to live, parking sucks because you have to pay for it a lot of places, then there’s a whole bunch of uptight liberals, there’s traffic, and there are a bunch of wierdos too.