Turkish Death Quake Shows What Is Coming For San Francisco Next

Whole neighbourhoods gone in Turkey and San Francisco is NEXT: Aerial images reveal shocking devastation of mega quake in Turkey as UN warns of aid failure in Syria and earthquake death toll passes 33,000

Shocking aerial photos captured over Turkey show buildings collapsed to the ground and barely-standing structures after earthquakes shook the country and killed at least 33,000. Two substantial tremors, each with a magnitude of well over seven, demolished tens of thousands of buildings throughout Turkey early on Monday, leaving thousands dead in the south and in Syria’s northeast. Photos taken today revealed that mounds of debris has covered the streets of Hatay, a hard-hit Turkish city located close to the centre of the quakes. Rescue crews are scouring piles of concrete and metal for trapped survivors, demanding silence as they sift through the rubble with thermal cameras. The rescuers reported finding more survivors, but the death toll expected to rise as the rubble of thousands of buildings has yet to be cleared.

When will it happen again? – USGS Earthquake Hazards Program

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31% that an earthquake measuring magnitude 7.5. will occur in the Los Angeles region. San Francisco Bay area: Within the next 30 years the probability is: 72% …

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Oct 26, 2022 Many major fault lines cross the Bay Area: San Andreas, Calaveras, San Gregorio, Hayward and Rodgers Creek.

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Oct 25, 2022 There will always be more cellphones in the San Andreas Fault than … accuracy of these alerts will be crucial for the next big earthquake.

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The probability for California having a large earthquake in the next 30 years … striking somewhere in the San Francisco Bay region in the next 30 years.

List of Earthquakes for San Francisco

Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada. San Francisco Special Map. Special Map. Click on an earthquake on the above map for more information.

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