Google, Facebook, Alphabet, Yahoo, Netflix, GM, Ford, Prime, Apple, Sony, and other members of the Big Tech Cartel “enterprise”are funded by the US. Government, receive monies and assets from the US. Government, get free tax breaks and exclusive contracts from the US. Government and are owned by US. Government officials. These companies and your elected officials viewed technologies under NDA, copied and sold them and never paid, per HTTP://WWW.USINVENTOR.ORG

The companies that exploited most of these technologies are stock-owned and funded by US. Government politicians and agency staff who are supposed to represent Plaintiff, but, instead, compete against him in the tech markets. Those politicians also control hiring and decisions at the US. Patent Office. FINCEN, INTERPOL, SEC, FBI, FTC, ICIJ, etc, records prove that those government officials profited off of the exploitation of Plaintiff’s IP and maintain illicit quid pro quo political financier/beneficiary relations with those Big Tech companies.

The United States Govrnment delayed, halted, destroyed, obfuscated, denied, with-held, re-routed, economically disadvantaged and harmed Plaintiff’s income from these, and related inventions in order to compete with Plaintiff and also harm Plaintiff in reprisal, vendettta, revenge for reporting crimes involving government officials who were scared of Plaintiff’s products affecting their stock holdings.

The United States Government, through the White House, Department of Energy, SSA, HUD and other agencies ordered, coordinated, funded, operated, managed, approved, over-saw, encouraged and tactic-managed these attacks on Plaintiff using Plaintiff’s own taxpayer monies; thus Plaintiff must be compensated for the damages to him and the losses, therefrom.