In the Nov. 2, 2022 EXHIBIT filed in this case, the matter of political and reprisal use of the FBI is called into question. Today, The United States Congress released the following report:

This report, as linked above, is now part and parcel of this case evidence. It states and proves details of FBI senior executive whistleblower allegations of FBI misconduct and politicization at the highest levels of the Department of Justice.

“The Federal Bureau of Investigation, under the stewardship of Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland, is broken,” the report states. “The problem lies not with the majority of front-line agents who serve our country, but with the FBI’s politicized bureaucracy.”

In another example, most damaging directly to Applicant, The Social Security Administration has been weaponized as a tool to harm Applicant in reprisal for his reporting of the crimes involving public officials.


Applicant worked 60+ hours per week from 1970 to 2007. SSA only recognizes 1/3 of that work time. The United States Government metrics agencies have published figures stating that the minimum needed income rate in Applicant’s region is $3200.00 per month. SSA has reduced Applicant’s income to $800.00 per month even though Applicant has a past work history, peer metrics and qualifications for a $10,000.00 per month equivalency based on Google, Twitter, Tesla, Netflix, Disney, Pixar, Genentech, and similar regional comps, equivalencies and SALARY.COM published industry standards.

In 2007 Applicant applied for SSDI with 19 disabling conditions documented.

In 2008 SSA denied SSDI stating that SSA “did not think the conditions would last longer than a year”. This caused Applicant to lose his home because the promised SSA payments were never produced.

Also in 2008, SSA servers were hacked per Congressional records. In 2008 Applicant was a federal witness for an investigation of insider trading by federal officials. Applicant later won a famous federal lawsuit, overseen by a Supreme Court judge, proving that federal agencies “infected by corruption” had cut off Applicant’s funds in reprisal for being a witness and reporting corruption crimes. The White House Staff and California Senator staff who had threatened Applicant, owned Applicant’s competitors and were partners and financiers of those competitors had the means, motive, past history of similar executions and intent to manipulate Applicant’s Social Security benefits process and determinations.

Applicant’s SSA process, determinations, records, files, benefit and rights are known to have been manipulated, in reprisal, by high level Senate, White House and agency public officials in reprisal for assisting law enforcement with the investigation of trillions of dollars of Congressional insider trading which has resulted in the generation of the Congressional STOCK ACT; H.R.2655 – Insider Trading Prohibition Act; Bipartisan Ban on Congressional Stock Ownership Act (S. 3631); The SEC Congressional Insider Trading Ban investigations and other ongoing law enforcement and regulatory actions.

In 2009 SSA refused to examine Applicant’s request for SSDI stating that he had run out of work credits because of his inability to work since Applicant first applied for SSDI. The delay, was, of course caused by SSA advising Applicant that he must wait a year to see if his conditions last longer than a year.

Government disability offices sent Applicant the medical records of other citizens while stating that those medical records were copies of Applicant’s medical records. This was a federal medical privacy law felony violation and also proved that Applicant’s medical records had been manipulated by third parties. Those records prove that the SSA records of Applicant were manipulated.

For one SSA ALJ hearing in Marin County, the first hearing was canceled by the ALJ because he found that his records request could not be met by the SSA because the SSA files were awry.

For another SSA ALJ hearing in San Francisco, the judge refused to allow recording of the hearing and refused to review the Secretary of State and fiscal records proving that Applicant was one of many shareholders in the two multi-shareholder corporations.

Investigators hired on behalf of Applicant discovered that doctors hired by SSA for the 2007 and 2008 medical reviews were paid by SSA, in other words: the doctors made money by NOT awarding SSDI and had a strong financial incentive to write negative reviews.

Investigators also word scanned every document provided by SSA in Applicant’s case and found no mention of, or research on, most of the originally claimed 19 disabling conditions. In other words, most of Applicant’s conditions were ignored.

SSA staff were found to have owned stock in Applicant’s competitors or to have gone to work for politicians who owned and financed large portions of Applicant’s competitors.

After being unable to work or receive income for years, Applicant took two short term jobs. One to help a friend move and other to deliver a package. SSA said that these were “proof of gainful employment” and negated all previous SSDI application efforts.

Notes were placed in SSA records, by reprisal operatives stating that Applicant was a “conservative republican” in order to damage Applicant. Applicant is well documented in his office-holder filings; national green energy and affordable housing programs; pictures and videos of famous DNC officials hugging him and other evidence as NOT a republican. 95% of SSA staff, executives, contractors and employees are DNC. This political name calling political dirty trick attack caused SSA staff to further harm Applicant.

Applicant was a shareholder in two multi-shareholder corporations, one of which worked for the government, which hundreds of other third-parties were shareholders in. Because Applicant’s name was on 2 accounts for those corporations an SSA official “Mario U’ in San Mateo, who knew that Applicant was just a shareholder and who was politically opposed to Applicant, threatened Applicant and ran a reprisal by reversing Applicant’s SSI payments. Mario wrote disparaging and presumptive notes about Applicant in SSA records; looked up Applicant online, in front of Applicant, and made politically disparaging comments to Applicant; waived his arm tattoos at Applicant and said that “you don’t mess with his people”; lectured Applicant about “immigration” and Mario’s hatred of certain politicians ; and refused to examine evidence supplied because it conflicted with Mario’s reprisal plans.

According to 42 U.S. Code § 1983, violations of civil rights typically involve an individual who is acting from a position of governmental power or “under the color of the law” enforcing a decree. Individuals acting under governmental authority can also be government officials when they’re off-duty or independent contractors. The conduct of specific private organizations, individuals, and entities can be treated as “state action” if the state validated, encouraged, or caused the action. Such circumstances are common when private entities are contracted to take over functions that are traditionally considered state responsibilities. Examples include: Private citizen hired to administer primary or general elections; Organizations contracted to maintain and operate specific government services; SSA staff using their email accounts and computers at home; SSA staff working for a competitor or adversary of Complainant during or right after their work at SSA.

The targeted and negligent harms to Applicant, by these actions, are substantial and quantifiable.

Over 100,000 pages of confirming data regarding the above claims have been previously filed with the court in past EXHIBIT filings in this and related case matter. The evidence is voluminous and irrefutable.