United States Senators, Congressional staff, White House staff, Department of Energy Staff and other government officials met with Elon Musk and his staff, Frank Guistra and his staff, Steve Westly and his staff, John Doerr and his staff and others, to coordinate a stock market insider trading payola scam which every suspect charged in this matter participated in, profited in, shared in, illicitly coordinated in as an “enterprise”, colluded in and managed “command and control of”, in harm to the Plaintiff and the public. The Defendants bank account records, stock market records and emails prove it.

Confirming the assertions by Plaintiff, Congressional Representative Abigal Spanberger has said on public record and in globally broadcast video:

“Members of Congress … have access to privileged information not available to the public… we have access to information that can move markets.”… She went on to say that secret meetings with tech CEO’s and VC’s are the tools that government insiders use to cheat rather than compete. 92 Percent of the public Oppose Allowing Lawmakers, Their Spouses, & Their Dependent Children to Buy, Trade, or Sell Individual Stocks. In the attacks on Plaintiff by State and Federal government executives, both employees and contractors, the motivations for those attacks was primarily caused by the ownership of illicit coordinated payola and graft stock perks which State and Federal government executives, both employees and contractors, in Tesla, Solyndra, Abound, Fisker, lithium ion stocks and suppliers and related monopolized Silicon Valley insider stocks.

Earlier this year, Spanberger reintroduced her bipartisan Transparent Representation Upholding Service and Trust (TRUST) in Congress Act to effectively ban Members of Congress — as well as their spouses and dependent children — from trading individual stocks. Specifically, the legislation would require lawmakers and their families to put certain investment assets into a qualified blind trust during their entire tenure in Congress. The legislation now has more than 50 Democratic and Republican cosponsors.

“Prohibiting Members of Congress, their spouses, and their dependent children from buying, trading, or selling stocks while serving in elected office is a necessary step towards restoring trust between the American public and their elected officials,” said Spanberger. “Congress should be taking concrete, proactive steps to avoid even the potential perception of self-dealing, which is why I have reintroduced the bipartisan TRUST in Congress Act and will continue moving it forward in the U.S. House. Over the last week, Virginians made clear that they agree that lawmakers should be prohibited from unfairly informing their own investment decisions.”

Public comments to the Spanberger office have included the following:

“As a federal employee and OGE 450 filer, my financial decisions need to be disclosed on an annual basis and I am not allowed to buy stocks in certain companies. Why should the members of Congress have a lower obligation/responsibility?” — Sherry, Prince William County

“As a former local elected official, I firmly believe that our elected representatives should put their knowledge and effort into working for the public good. Profiting while in office from the knowledge or influence gained from their positions is a violation of the public trust. One would hope that elected officials would refrain from such activities voluntarily, but unfortunately that has not proven to be the case in some instances.” — George, Fredericksburg

“Just as you have explained very clearly, insider information should be illegal, especially to congress, as well as anyone else in government that has insider information. Representatives and Senators are elected to carry out their duties in good faith with honesty and integrity. Hard to see any of that in most of them these days. You are an exception.” — Carlton, Spotsylvania County

“Members of Congress should serve the public without serving their own interests.” — Timothy, Culpeper County

“Members of Congress and their family members are informed in advance of pending actions that impact stock market actions. They have no ethical business to gain any financial advantage over market prices.” — Jim, Stafford County

“People do not mind millionaires becoming members of Congress. They do not want members of Congress ‘becoming’ millionaires while in office, or even the appearance of it.” — William, Spotsylvania County

Spanberger originally introduced the TRUST in Congress Act in June 2020.

Additionally, Senator Elizabeth Warren has echoed these verifications of Plaintiffs assertions, IE: › 2021 › 10 › 04 › business › elizabeth-warren-fed-insider-trading.html

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Elizabeth Warren Calls for an Insider Trading Inquiry at the Fed

Warren made about $325,000 from book sales in addition to her $175,000 salary from the Senate. Bruce was paid about $400,000 from Harvard. The couple paid about $46,000 last year for a solar energy installation on their home in Massachusetts, and received about $15,000 in tax credits. The couple donated more than $50,000 to charity. › r › politics › comments › q1aeuz › elizabeth_warren_calls_for_an_insider_trading

Elizabeth Warren Calls for an Insider Trading Inquiry at the Fed

Op · 7m. California. Senator Elizabeth Warren, Democrat of Massachusetts, on Monday called for an investigation into whether top Federal Reserve officials engaged in insider trading in 2020, when some bought and sold securities that could have benefited from central bank policy moves. Ms. Warren, a powerful lawmaker who sits on the committee … › story › money › 2022 › 02 › 17 › elizabeth-warren-congress-trading-stock › 6820868001

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Feb 17, 20221:14. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., is campaigning for a bill she introduced that bans members of Congress and their spouses from owning, buying or trading individual stocks. Unlike other bills …

More evidence of the charged crimes and harms has now been filed in this case than in any other corruption matter currently in US. Courts. More third party investigative, regulatory, public news outlet and forensic reports have now confirmed Plaintiffs assertions than in any other modern case. More proofs and charges of active political bias and justice blockades by law enforcement and regulatory agencies have been proven, this year, in Congressional hearings, than in any other year in history. It is now virtually impossible for Defendants to deny the occurrence of the issues charged herein. Any effort, by Defendants, to do so, would be viewed by the entire public constituency, and any Jury, to be a laughable attempt, by government lawyers, to further an overt cover-up of well-documented corruption. The funding of Plaintiff by one part of the Federal government was obsoleting Tesla Motors failed, toxic, explosive, child-labor-based, corrupt car company, which other corrupt Federal officials covertly OWNED! Those federal government officials used federal government resources (paid for by Plaintiff and other taxpayers) to attack and destroy Plaintiff because they had to CHEAT RATHER THAN COMPETE!