GOOGLE SUED FOR COMPLICITY in organized crime damaging celebrity JOURNALISTS Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane

Honolulu–GOOGLE, Inc. will need to defend against charges of fraud, organized crime, and complicity with  America’s most active white-hate propagandists.
A lawsuit filed aginst the company in the First Circuit Court of Hawaii, charges “the world’s most popular search engine”– GOOGLE–with breaking Federal and State laws to intentionally suppress two journalists’ publications and popularity.
In addition, GOOGLE neglected its civic duty to block hateful harmful “cyber-bullies” from publishing obviously obscene, outrageous, sexist, and harassing libel, that has damaged the journalists’ credibility and celebrity.
Dubbed “The HOROKANE” by the cyber-stalkers, journalists Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane are YouTube’s most popular drug-industry critics; and YouTube is owned by GOOGLE, whose major share-holders are heavily invested in ”BigPharma,” especially in the vaccine producer Pfizer.
Horowitz, a Harvard-trained public health expert, is known internationally for his award-winning warnings about risky vaccinations, but GOOGLE’s ties to Wall Street , and especially Rupert Murdoch’s propaganda mills, were exposed by Kane, including links to the CIA and the Murdoch family’s heavy investment in the world’s largest vaccine producer, Merck.
GOOGLE is controlled by its largest shareholders, BlackRock, Inc., that acquired Barclays Global Investors, that owns the vast majority of Sun Microsystems stock along with Kleiner Perkins Caufiled & Byers. This company bought two-times more shares of Pfizer stock in 2011 than Microsoft stock, the most among its top ten holdings. Pfizer joins Merck among the largest vaccine companies.
GOOGLE has also partnered with News Corp’s AOL (Time/Warner) despite the Murdoch’s bemoaning these contracts, and James Murdoch, embroiled in the wiretapping of British parliament officials, is a Non-Executive Director of GlaxoSmithKlein, rounding out the top three vaccine producers, and explaining Horowitz’s and Kane’s mystique as “the world’s most endangered journalists.”
“GOOGLE’s conflicting interest are showing,” Dr. Horowitz said. “Their intelligence agents have blocked us, and our colleagues, We Are Change, in Connecticut, without notice for fake reasons. But they don’t block publishers that any reasonable person would find harassing, obscene, and outrageous.”
According to the complaint, GOOGLE routinely neglects its civic duty and Congressional license defined by 47 U.S.C., Section 230, that encourages blocking of outrageous and obscene libel, cyber-stalking, and harassments. These precise acts were committed to damage the journalists, according to published evidence in the complaint linked to the journalists’ websites.  (Click This Link to Case Filings Download Directory.)
“GOOGLE has aided and abetted COINTELPRO-like agents targeting activists to confuse Americans and control public opinions on all fronts,” Kane said. “These communications companies have a vested interest in keeping American’s divided and confused about everything important–from politics and economic policies to healthcare reforms and organized religions. Do you really believe GOOGLE and News Corp are going to tell you the truth about the risks of getting vaccinated, for example, when their officials are heavily invested, like the Murdoch family is, in the vaccine industry?”
“GOOGLE and News Corp. both profit by publishing the most hateful, racist, sexist, confusing, and divisive propaganda–messages that control minds,” Dr. Horowitz explained. “The media ‘PSYOPS’ is done to create and regulate “Controlled Opposition” to the economic governors’ policies, such as profitable intoxications, leading to drug addictions, and ultimately Bill Gates’s recommended depopulation through tainted vaccinations.”
GOOGLE’s racist co-conspirators oppose vaccinations too, but discredit themselves and every legitimate whistleblower by their disgusting sexism, anti-Semitism, and documented history of criminal operations in the media, especially on the Internet.
One of the fanatical co-conspirators who christened Horowitz and Kane “The HOROKANE,” and defamed them with GOOGLE’s help using stolen and forged media that GOOGLE refused to block, faked his academic credentials to compete with Horowitz on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry. Alma C. Ott, alias “Dr. True Ott,” “Alma T. Ott,” and “David Main”  feigned two doctorates in natural medicine to “front” for Energy Images of Cedar City, UT, initially a company that provided “intelligence services” according to public records.
“The spin that fake ‘doctors’ put on facts is largely why Dr. Horowitz’s work is considered controversial, and vaccination opponents are considered ‘fringe,’ Kane explained.
 “Legitimate intelligence is either twisted or censored by the time consumers get it, or heroes like Horowitz are discredited by teams of ‘trolls’ poisoning the Internet with GOOGLE’s complicity.” More than 30 co-defendants, including Ron Paul’s leading media campaigner, Alex Jones, and New Age guru conspiracy mavin David Icke, are GOOGLE’s co-defendants.
The complaint also names SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES INC. as complicit in the organized crimes damaging Horowitz and Kane, as well as people worldwide, courtesy of Ott’s gang of GOOGLE-assisted cyber-criminals.
On June 18, 2011, after posting a video clip on GOOGLE/ YouTube entitled, “COINTELPRO COMPROMISED: Sexual Exploits of Jew-Hating American Terrorists,” Horowitz began receiving mail from supporters complaining that the number of “Views” his video was receiving were fraudulent.
The doctor, previously the 2nd most popular health professional on YouTube (behind Deepak Chopra and ahead of Dr. Oz), then began to study his and Kane’s popularity as reflected in GOOGLE search engine “hits.” The data showed a shocking manipulation ongoing to suppress their perceived popularity.
Between March and June, 2012, for example, Kane’s “hits” dropped from 14.5 million to 2 million inexplicably.
This evidence, and a lot more, accompanies the complaint. It proves GOOGLE’s complicity in COINTELPRO-like manipulation of public perceptions, harassments of targeted “dissidents,” and commercial manipulation of data, defrauding and damaging Internet users.