Current best evidence, and witness testimony, appears to confirm that 6 Senior Obama White
House staff (Gibbs, Axelrod, Plouffe, Rattner, Emanual, etc.) and 3 Agency heads (Chu, Holder, etc.) colluded in an organized crime operation, within The White House, which ended up defrauding the U.S. Government, and Taxpayers, of over $200 Billion.

Their scheme involved acquiring campaign funds from UAW (Over-seen by Rattner with the Detroit gang) and related unions as well as Silicon Valley billionaires in exchange for give-away taxpayer money for their personal investments. At least 3 Senators (Feinstein, Reid, Pelosi, etc.) participated in the scam. Most of the persons of interest also had insider trading stock profit schemes running through all of the deals. This is the manner in which Tesla, Solyndra, Ener1, Abound and the bulk of the “Clean-Tech” deals were done.  “Skims” as “finders fees” and “transaction fees” went into each of their pockets via stealthed routes and took place at each transaction point in the process, assisted by Goldman Sachs. To date; thousands of points of evidence have been documented by Press and Civic investigations.

Finanical records, emails, phone calls, staff testimony, stock records, trust filings, SEC documents, GAO records and NSA archives confirm everything beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The FBI and DOJ have been ordered, by Senior White House officials, not to investigate, nor
to respond to witnesses or interview any subjects which would reveal information that would
require them to fully engage in the prosecution. NSA has complete records of all illicit
actions but cannot supply the recordings, or data, without a subpoena from a Special
Prosecutor. The impunity and arrogance that the Billionaires and fixers have strutted their “nobody is going to come after us as long as our guy is in office” attitude has subsided as they see that the end is nigh.

Some reporters have significant evidential files and are awaiting other legal developments
in order to coincide information release.

Let’s discuss…

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