Mr. Alex Padilla
Secretary of State
POB 942857
Sacramento, CA 94257-0500


Ms. Kamala Harris
Attorney General
POB 942857
Sacramento, CA 94257-0500


Dear State of California:

We are some of the companies that you F***** in the A** in your “Cleantech Kickback Scam”.

We see that the LA Times, and many other newspapers, have been exposing this organized crime activity in the main-stream press.

We see that the HSBC Swiss leaks, the Snowden leaks, The Sony leaks and a bunch of new hacks and leaks show the financial tracks, the payola recipients, the beneficiaries, the front organizations, the family trusts and PACs that acted to conduit the money.. and all sorts of other interesting things. When you web search the term: “Silicon Valley Cartel” and “AngelGate” most of the players are revealed.

Federal and international investigators have now revealed that You State of California People assisted with a mineral mining and commodity stock scam for lithium and indium that Tesla and Solyndra were set-up to exploit in order to rape taxpayer tax dollars in state, and federal funding scams, by exploiting, and pumping, the stock market, in exchange for campaign kickbacks. Your boys skimmed, pumped and payola’d their way through quite a lot of our taxpayer money. You guys are running a cesspool of crime, at the expense of the American public and that just isn’t right.

You sabotaged any companies who competed with them and their investors, on orders from those investors. It was a mob operation and you were part of an organized crime scheme. By the looks of things in the news, racketeering and corruption seems to be all that you do in Sacramento, anymore:

  • California State Senator Leland Yee (D) charged with bribery, public corruption and gun trafficking.(2014)[9][10][11]
  • State Senator Roderick Wright (D) was convicted of eight counts of perjury and voter fraud. He was sentenced to 90 days and barred him from ever holding public office again and will be required to perform 1,500 hours of community service and three years’ probation under the terms of his conviction. (2014)[12]
  • State Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi (D) She was charged with felony grand theft after being caught on video surveillance allegedly shoplifting $2,445 worth of merchandise from San Francisco‘s Neiman Marcus store.[13][14] She was sentenced to $180 fine and three years probation and was ordered to stay more than 50 feet from the store. (2011)
  • California Treasurer Bill Locker under investigation for Solyndra/Tesla Tax kickback organization
  • California director James Brown Jr. arrested for racketeering and corruption
  • Associate of many of the suspects: Raj Gupta, arrested and imprisoned for racketeering and corruption
  • Senator Calderon- Arrested for racketeering and corruption
  • Associate of many of the suspects: Steven Rattner, indicted for stock fraud and corruption by New York Attorney General
  • Suspect Ray Lane indicted for massive tax fraud
  • Four additional State Senators under investigation for racketeering and Corruption
  • California State Senator Roy Ashburn (R) of Bakersfield was noted leaving a gay bar and arrested on two counts of DUI. (2010)[15][16]
  • California Southern California Treasurer Kinde Durkee (D) was arrested for possible mail fraud.[17]
  •  And over 80 others….< /span>
  • Many of us are aware that bigger arrests are on the horizon…

Can you explain why a large number of the people who knew about this scam, and crossed paths with it, turned up, unexpectedly dead after being in perfect health the day prior? We are referring to Gary D. Conley, Rajeev Motwani, David Bird, Forrest Hayes, Dave Sandberg, Doug Bourn, Brian M. Finn, Andrew Ingram, Ravi Kumra, Karl Slym, Nicholas Valtz, Greg Smith, William Broeksmit, Julian Knott, Ryan Henry Crane… and more. That is really a lot of death-by-coincidence!

In any case, we are seeking a contingency law firm to sue the State of California to the maximum allowed. The press, the investigators and the community groups now have all of the evidence required to lock more of you up.

No amount of stone-walling, further character assassination against us, and running around with blinders on is going to help you.

You raped California residents of their dreams, tax money, jobs and morality by your schemes.

When the FBI raided Solyndra they found that $500 million dollars of taxpayer money had gone missing. Now it turns out to be ten times as much taxpayer cash that was ripped off from our state in this scam. Tesla and Solyndra sit on the same property and both of them engaged in the same crimes, it turns out. All of the owners, suppliers, HR people, construction company owners, state fund beneficiaries and campaign donors pretty much turn out to be the same 20, or so people…hmmmmm.. What a Funny Coincidence.

You people are scum-bags, crooks and criminals. You do not deserve to represent any taxpayers.



The little companies of California that you screwed so you could buy your new condos.