Biden’s new electric car demand puts trillions of dollars of ‘unjust gain’ stock market profits in the Biden Family accounts, their friends and their Big Tech financiers via ESG Funds, AIG Funds and VALIC hidden stock accounts.

Six Additional Biden Family Members
‘Have Benefited’ From Hunter Business Dealings

Mar 1, 2023Some politicians have denounced ESG as a politicization of investing. Some in the business world also have been particularly critical of rating agencies that try to boil complex issues down to simple ESG scores. Tesla CEO Elon Musk last year called ESG a scam that “has been weaponized by phony social justice warriors,” for example.
Feb 6, 2023Musk’s highly visible comments on ESG include tweets stating that “ESG is a scam” and that an ESG score merely “determines how compliant your business is with the leftist agenda.” The association of ESG values with the political left has exacerbated the divisiveness of the substantive issues. Political Backlash vs. ESG