Tesla workers paint grim picture of Buffalo plant

Tesla workers paint grim picture of Buffalo plant Public


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Former Tesla workers paint grim picture of Buffalo plant

A group of domestic citizens filed FBI complaints and lawsuits against The President of the United States and his senior staff along with a lawsuit against a rogue off-shoot of the CIA called "In-Q-Tel". These citizens instigated Congressional corruption investigations and hearings against the most senior members of the State and Federal government. These actions resulted in the termination of very famous public officials and their crony criminal embezzlement scams and almost resulted in the President being forced to leave office, mid-term, based on revelations of a massive crony kick-back scheme which began to be exposed after the FBI raid of Solyndra. The director of the FBI was fired for assisting in cover-ups related to this matter. (FYI: "Paranoia" is defined as "unfounded fears of harm". "Caution" is defined as "security measures based on previous threats and attacks")

This natural-born American domestic group of engineers was attacked with a $30 million dollar+ retribution/political reprisal program contracted by White House political operatives, and their appointees, who were also the business competitors of the engineers. The attackers used Fusion GPS-type character assassination smear campaigns (operated by their cronies at Google, Gawker, Gizmodo, Jalopnik and Facebook), NVCA black-listing, Solyndra-laundering, stone-walling, Lois Lerner-class agency manipulation and search engine rigging. It was revealed that White House executives ordered government agencies to harm members of the public and to reprisal with-hold public resources from the public. This was a violation of tort, RICO and anti-trust laws.

The victims fought back.

With the encouragement of members of Congress they used 100% legal tools to interdict the corruption.

Essentially; they helped the United States government sue itself!

First, with a unique new kind of pioneering federal lawsuit, victims established — FOR THE FIRST TIME IN LEGAL HISTORY — that political cronyism is a valid basis for a claim of arbitrary-and-capricious agency action under the Administrative Procedure Act. See: Federal Case One, (D.D.C. 2015).

Second, they prevailed in the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on their appeal of the district court’s ruling that an agency may escape judicial review of its action by requesting a voluntary remand but refusing to reconsider its initial denial of an application. See: Case Federal Two, (D.C. Cir. 2017). The Washington DC Circuit agreed with the victims that an agency may only seek a remand if it promises to reconsider its initial decision. It is because of that victory that the government, under court order is now re-doing the victims applications and GAO, FBI, IG's and Congressional oversight offices are watching to assure effective ethics and transparency.

Third, these cases placed, on permanent public record, one of the most detailed documentation sets, ever assembled, about how modern political "Dark Money" conduits operate. The legal team hired ex-FBI, CIA and SEC experts to track down covert bank accounts, revolving door bribes, insider stock trades and other payola between the victim's competitors and public officials. This documentation now prevents the use of those kinds of criminal efforts, in the future, by exposing their tactics to the public.

Fourth, the victim's team engaged in the interdiction and termination of corrupt agency executives, contractors and their financiers. This included some of the most well-known names in Washington, DC, at the time. Many of them were, and are still being, investigated and surveilled by the FBI, GAO, SEC and Congress.

Fifth, and most important, the effort put every corrupt political scheme on notice that they WILL be found out and interdicted!

The bottom line?

The victims group WON on every single aspect of their public-interest goals but still have yet to be recompensed for their damages!

Now the "bad guys" have less options to engage in the corruption of our Democracy!

When a father of eight invents the "Toy of The Year" He hopes his invention will bring financial security to his family. But, his genius idea is stolen!

Thrust into a battle to save his invention he uncovers the shocking truth that intellectual property rights are at risk and American innovation is dying.

Patent Reform Issues For USPTO Director Andrei Iancu And The Voters To Address -

The modern issue of inventor patent rights is NOT about issues involving two different inventors who happen to have thought of the same kind of thing at the same time. This is NOT about that!

This is about Google, Facebook, Sony Pictures, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube and the Silicon Valley tech oligarchs sending their venture capital firms Draper-Fisher, Kleiner Perkins, Andreesson, Greylock and other Palo Alto Sandhill Road tech-mobster spies, around to spy on start-ups and defraud them by pretending to be "considering an investment".

The NVCA VC's pretend to be interested, get your technology data in their pretend "due diligence reviews", copy everything you have, pass it over to their "on staff entrepreneur, change the name and then launch it as their start-up or roll it our as a facade company under the Alphabet or other Google sham operations. Every VC on Sandhill Road appears to be scum! They will smile at you and shake your hand while they rob you blind with the other hand. At the same time they steal your idea they will have the media companies and tabloids that they own run a smear job campaign against the inventor in order to damage the inventors credibility to testify against the oligarchs. The oligarchs hire Google/Youtube, Gawker, Gizmodo, Jalopnik and Fusion GPS to character assassinate the inventor globally to reduce the ability of the inventor to fight back.

Sandhill Road VC's are the spoiled frat boy rich family kids that lived together in fraternity houses down the road at Stanford University. You have heard about all the date rapes at Stanford, right? These Silicon Valley VC's are those same frat boys that went "up-the-hill" after they left the Stanford campus. They raped co-eds in college and then they just moved a few blocks up the street to rape American inventors in their NVCA Cartel.

These tech-mobsters bribe U.S. Senators and run technology monopolies with impunity. These Cartel operators spy, steal and cover-up. They then blockade you from ever getting to court and use their monopoly control of most law firms and K-Street lobbyists to use your technology without ever paying for it. If you don't know what a Washington, DC "K-Street Lobbyist" does then watch the feature film called: "Miss Sloane" starring Jessica Chastain. K-Street Lobbyists will stoop to any crime to get their big paychecks from Google, Facebook and Sony Pictures.

In Silicon Valley there is a Cartel of “Venture Capitalists” who like to call entrepreneurs in, examine their technologies in ‘fishing expeditions’, say “we can’t see any use for it”, copy the technology and launch it themselves; after black-listing the entrepreneur. That is their “playbook.” The New York Times released an article (http://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/24/technology/larry-page-google-founder-is-still-innovator-in-chief.html ) describing how Google’s bosses covertly skulk around at tech parties in order to snatch technologies from unsuspecting entrepreneurs. The new start-up hopeful in Silicon Valley must watch for these technology raiders with a cautious eye. Google, in fact, put their lawyer in charge of the U.S. Patent Office and spent nearly a hundred million dollars lobbying to try to “outlaw” small American inventors because Google is so afraid of eventually having to pay for all of the tech it poor all of the tech it poached. Kleiner Perkins, Greylock Capital, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, and 90% of the Silicon Valley ‘VC’s’ on Palo Alto’s Sandhill Road have engaged in this ‘idea rape’ intellectual property theft and clone effort. Facebook, Google, YouTube, and other big name companies, were poached from small start-ups that had the original versions up and running when Silicon Valley VC’s just came by and copied them without ever paying the inventors.

The public is concerned about federal reports of large Silicon Valley corporations stealing inventions and lack of access to the legal system for garage inventors and small businesses. Does your Senator intend to co-sponsor the Inventor Rights Act in this Congress?

We understand the United States Patent and Trademark Office is now being pushed into the business of revoking the patent rights of inventors by Silicon Valley Oligarchs. The Patent Trial and Appeal Board is canceling portions of 80-90% of the patents they review. This is disheartening and discouraging to inventors and startups in our community. Please ask your elected officials to support giving inventors the right to have their patent rights decided by a real judge and jury instead of this rogue tribunal? Tell your elected officials to co-sponsor the Inventor Rights Act?

If a big Silicon Valley corporation decides to invalidate my patent it will cost me at least half a million dollars to fight them in the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. Ask your Senator to pass a law that will protect domestic citizen invention from this threat? Tell your elected officials to co-sponsor the Inventor Rights Act?

Josh Malone, the inventor, has said that his court case against Telebrands has cost over $20M. Where is an inventor supposed to get that kind of money? Tell your elected officials to co-sponsor the Inventor Rights Act to restore sanity to our patent system?

Dan Phillips, inventor of the Bionic Wrench, has been fighting Sears in court since 2012. A judge recently tossed out the jury verdict that held Sears liable. I understand his appeal process will take several more years. How can a small business survive if it takes a decade and millions of dollars in legal expense to sort out our intellectual property rights? Tell your elected officials to co-sponsor the Inventor Rights Act

The news says that "China is stealing technology" but in reality it is Google, Facebook, Sony and U.S.-based corporations that are stealing technology from inventors right and left. Google, Apple, Amazon, Telebrands and other big corporations are constantly getting away with profiting from pirated products. Tell your elected officials to co-sponsor the Inventor Rights Act to put an end to this and reinvigorate the famous American innovation system?

There is no such thing as a "Patent Troll". This is a term created by Silicon Valley's K-Street lobbyists FOR Google, Facebook and the Palo Alto Mafia. Again referring to the feature film: "Miss Sloane", the term "Patent Troll: was created by people like "Miss Sloane" in order to remove all the rights from people like Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. It is part of a mass political behavior modification effort to make the public think that dark evil forces are helping inventors. Inventors hire, or partner with, patent monetization firms to help them fight against Google, Facebooks and other oligarchs massive IP thefts.

The American Dream is based on small inventors building the future in their garages but if the Silicon Valley Oligarchs and their K-Street lobbyists are spending over 100 billion dollars to kill that dream; then America's core asset, the nation's individual inventors, are being erased from our society?

If you would like to learn more about these issues so you can educate public officials and drive the patent office to reform, see these links:

- Invalidated: The Shredding of the U.S. Patent System (Amazon Documentary)
- $17 million: The real and staggering cost to patent in the US in the PTAB (Article by Josh Malone)
- U.S. Startup Company Formation and Venture Capital Funding Trend 2004-2017 (White Paper by USIJ)
- Inventor Rights Resolution (PLEASE SIGN the resolution at the link below if you have not already done so)

















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