Snowden docs expose Cupid and big dating sites as fronts for honey traps and privacy harvesting.

NBC Investigates, Glenn Greenwald, and numerous other journalists have, this week, revealved documents and research that show that big dating sites are being used to trick users into laying their most intimate information into vast global databases for culling by both spies and marketing research mills.

Some sites start small, like OK Cupid, and then are taken over by the “Big Data” cartels who pump them for personal information; provide photo comparison access so outside spy and marketing groups can photo-compare dating pictures to Facebook and Linked-in profiles to harvest all of your outside information, create “honey traps” using fake profiles to get people to go someplace or do something as a trick; find your credit card information; find your personal interests and “intents”; and a host of other insidious Big Data privacy harvesting intrigues. Some sites were created just for privacy harvesting.

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