Senators believe they have uncovered secret White House plan!

GOP Senators believe they have uncovered a plan in which the White House intends to flood the country with poor immigrants, turn the internet over to the White House press office, now known as Google, and then give all of the poors free internet so they can get indoctrinated, by DNC-controlled Google, into the Democrats campaign. They also believe that the TPP is simply a way to give the Middle East to Sony Pictures boss: Israel.

The Senators are also saying that the crony-contracts that caused Obamacare to be the biggest internet disaster in history will cause the OPM to get hacked in the biggest internet security breach in history.

Those silly GOP Senators. None of those things could ever happen in real life.

The next thing you know, they will be saying that Reddit and Facebook were the creations of Obama’s campaign financiers just so they could manipulate elections.

Oh, wait…well, look at that…