Ron Paul Reveals “The Real Fake Media News List”

Ron Paul Reveals “The Real Fake Media News List”

In response to the make-shift “fake news” list created by a leftist feminist professor, Ron Paul’s Liberty Report has released another fake news list has been revealed and this one holds a lot more water.


This list contains the culprits who told us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and lied us into multiple bogus wars. These are the news sources that told us “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” They told us that Hillary Clinton had a 98% of winning the election. They tell us in a never-ending loop that “The economy is in great shape!”

This is the real Fake News List (and it’s sourced):


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I can see that Ron has been reading ZH.

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Or…the other way around

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One problem, though:  the “source” links don’t work.

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Wait…But my Neesweek magazine said Hillary DID win and is our POTUS-elect?

What’s going on?

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Compare to Amerikansky liberal news outlet, Russia Today is premium truth!

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I find it a bit crazy that has more truth than the U.S. backed MSM. It is contrary to the narrative I grew up with for sure.   

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Don’t forget about pizza gate nasty  pedophile shit going on in the top of the Democrat party…

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We are truly in bizarro world when the people who have demonstrably and proveably been providing fiction for 8 years now are claiming that those who have correctly predicted and understood the most important movements of our time are “fake”.  It’s the definition of “truth is fiction”.

The dangerous part is that those who are lying still have the power.  Note that Merkel and Obama were pow-wowing over how to censor the internet.  They haven’t entirely figured out yet how to roll it out, but they want the new Pravda in place ASAP.  Having people show them for who they actually are is destroying them, and they are not going to allow that to happen.  They will make sure their enemies are imprisoned if they have to in order to make sure that the only story available going forward is their story.

Free press.  Hah!  It was nice when we believed it…

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Donald should invite him. ( and this ahead of the RINO’s)

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Partial List of websites that colluded with Trump:

Zero Hedge
Prison Planet
Alex Jones and his fake journalists
Drudge Report

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It’s all bought and paid for out there.

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… on the “journalists” list (and I’m sure Ron Paul is using the word “journalist” very loosely), Dawn Lemon of CNN should be included as well with Wolfie Blitzkrieg as Dawn Lemon often colluded with hiliary’s campaign on his programs … and here’s one where Dawn Lemon outed a fellow “irate protester” snowflake (a CNN cameraman retard named John Grkovic … rhymes with ‘bitch’) … perhaps Dawn Lemon must’ve missed the memo that they will stage the “fake news” event; thus the outing of a fellow snowflake retard  …
    “CNN interviews its own cameraman while pretending he’s an anti-Trump protester.”

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… while we’re on the subject, here’s another “fake news” retard, Jonathan ‘snowflake’ Allen of “Roll Call” being grilled by Tucker Carlson and was eating crow being outed as a stupid fake-news idiot on his latest column about AG Jeff Sessions being “racist” …

… full interview >>> “

… snowflake Allen’s column >>>

… enjoy the trashing! 😀

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That’s just fucken dopey. How does time of membership dictate polarity? Due to the consumption of a bottle of bourbon on the night of a warning by ZH, that our aliases had been hacked, advising us to change our passwords, which I did and promptly forgot, I ended up starting a new membership after 4 years of reading. Two days after that I posted a comment and was promptly labeled a troll. When exactly does it wear off, 5 yeqrs and 22 weeks?

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You have no argument and so you call someone a homo.

Well, I guess you’ve been staring into the mirror too long.

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Forgetting to change to your other fake account for your fake reply. Real sad.

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There are hotlines.  It’s okay to ask for help.

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So Letsit, techies-r-us, stizazz, lonnng, Yippee Kiyay, Mano-A-Mano et al, if ZH is so bad, why do you bother to grace us with your presence via you multiple accounts with ZH? In fact, why not just fuck off and spread you fake linked anti-semitic hatred to another site where you might be more welcome?

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Hey, philifat, I looked for that link just because you included me in your schizophrenic delusion. Go and take your meds.…

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He included me too. What’s wrong with that guy? I think you might be right.

He’s not well in the head.

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Be nice of comments hit like -10 they vanished … hidden never to be seen again.

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