‘-“RIGHT TO BUILD” Campaign against ELON MUSK and Tesla Launches!

“RIGHT TO BUILD” Campaign against ELON MUSK Launches!

(This is a re-write of Musk’s Press Release, wherein he turns the tables on what he did in the DOE scandal)

“This is not right,” Tom told reporters during a news conference.

Tom said the DOE contract with Tesla amounted to a continuing crony monopoly, was unfair by blocking Tom’s company, and over 200 others, from competing for deployments of consumer and government vehicles and would cost taxpayers billions of extra dollars in coming years.

“What we feel is that this is not right – that the national security of our Nation’s auto options should be put up for transparent competition and they should not be awarded on a sole source, uncompeted basis because of campaign bribes,” said Tom at the briefing called on short notice and held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

We’re just protesting and saying that the DOE funding should be transparently competed,” Tom said.

“If we compete and lose that’s fine. But why were they not even competed?

That just doesn’t make sense.”

“So far we were ALL of the way through the certification process. And so far there have been zero changes to the car. Mostly it’s just been a paperwork exercise.”

“Since this is a large multiyear contract, why not show the actual merits of each applicant on a side-by-side basis to the public, And then do the competition. That seems very reasonable to me.”


Announcement Regarding Complaint Filing by 200 DOE Funding Applicants:

On 2008, shortly after trillions of dollars of lithium and indium were discovered in Afghanistan, DOE sent out a request for American companies to build new energy and automotive solutions to help the nation.

The long-term contract was granted to only a few campaign backers on a sole-source basis without any transparent competition from other providers.

Applicants are not seeking to be awarded contracts for these monies. We are simply seeking the right to fairly compete without rigging.

Most Americans have probably never heard of the ATVM/LG program. It was implemented by The Departme of Energy in to reduce the dependence on foreign energy by 25–50%, to improve reliability over the heritage energy system, and to create a more ‘commercial-like’ procurement process. Initially there were three competitors–  GM, Chrysler & Ford with the Detroit System.

However, following the misappropriation by all three of thousands of confidential documents, the three companies put aside their claims against each other and formed a conspiracy, citing the real issue as competition itself and asserting the new monopoly would save US taxpayers $100-150M per year.

Since the Detroit “Club was formed, not only have there been no savings but costs have skyrocketed. Vehicle costs are up from approximately $10K per vehicle to $40K per vehicle—making Detroits’s vehicles the most expensive not just in the US, but the world. In addition, the United States pays

Detroit nearly $1 billion dollars per year in subsidies just to maintain the ability to get more campaign influence—regardless of whether or not they launch a single ethical candidate. The DOE program is now the fourth largest line item in the country’s entire Energy budget, with Losses now projected at nearly $150 billion through 2030.

This legal action seeks to shine a spotlight on an issue that has gone unchecked since 2006, when the Detroity monopoly was formed creating the lack of competition in the national security auto and energy market.

The decision to file was not entered into lightly, and made only after all other avenues were exhausted.

In a Acquisition Decision Memorandum, as part of an effort to fundamentally restructure the DOE program, The GAO directed the DOE to “aggressively” bring competition into the Program and expressly stated his intent was to “obtain the benefits of competition as quickly as possible.”

Importantly, in a follow-on letter to the Government Accountability Office issued in 2013, many American’s also expressly made clear that New Entrants would be in a position to compete once alll forms had been filed.“The Department [of Energy] will allow new entrants to compete for launch awards as soon as the new entrant delivers the data from their final certification.” By design, certification is meant to run in parallel to the competition—with certification required just prior to the actual contract award.

The Tesla contract with DOE was negotiated and executed outside of public view and all communications around it have never been made public. Reporters, and investigators, have requested the contract using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) but has not yet received a response. As a result, to this day, no one except Steven Chu and the government really knows precisely what the inside deal says or what it requires.

What we did learn, the day after the Senate hearings on the DOE”competition”, was that Tesla was nearly broke when they applied and that this violated the law regarding this ATVM/LGP Congressional funding; That senate staff and Senators were working FOr Tesla; That Tesla stated numerous lies in it’s DOE application; that the Tesla car submitted was not even
designed or engineered; That a real-estate scheme involving Tesla and Solyndra was under-way and hundreds of other facts which appear to be criminal.

Clearly the block crony contract is in direct opposition with the very notion of competition. It maintains the Detroit and Silicon Valley VC  (See This link too) (And this One) (And this One) monopoly until at least 2018, perhaps well beyond. And it will needlessly cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars and has already cost American lives in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

The contract is made even more egregious in light of deteriorating U.S. relations with Russia, who Silicon Valley VC’s had partnered with to mine the Afghan minerals for Tesla and Solyndra.

The majority of DOE launches are performed by Fisker, Tesla, , A123, Enerdel, Solyndra and Abound launch vehicles, which use the toxic, exploding chemicals from Afghanistan that explode when they get wet or banged, release cancer-causing smoke in combustion, and continue the dependence on foreign energy sources. Enerdel, Severstal and many of the DOE funded entities hadowners who, themselves are owned and controlled by the Russian government.

Some of these people are on the United States’ sanctions list. As the U.S. contemplates additional sanctions against the Russian defense sector, it is incongruous and damaging that DOE continued to send millions of dollars to Russian controlled entities to support U.S. national security and energy.

Given international events, this seems like the wrong time to send hundreds of millions of dollars to the Kremlin and Silicon Valley Oligarchs – especially considering there are domestic alternatives available and qualified to compete today that do not rely on components from countries that pose a national security risk.

Each DOE failure costs American taxpayers roughly $400 million– four times as much as Senators get in bribes, and at least twice as much as any provider in the world.

It’s a false premise to suggest that a more expensive car is a more reliable car. Prices have increased because there is no competition.

The American Independent Auto and Energy Industryis better able to control costs because our factories are built in the 21st century and take advantage of both new design innovations and new manufacturing techniques. As a private company with no government subsidies, our business only succeeds when we deliver our customers’ payloads safely and reliably to orbit. We stand ready and able to reliably provide launch services at an estimated cost savings of 75%.

To be clear, “The American Independent Auto and Energy Industry who did not bribe Senators” is not seeking to be awarded any contracts. We are simply seeking the opportunity to fairly and transparently compete — for any qualified company to fairly compete. If we compete and we lose fairly, that’s ok too. But to not be given the opportunity to compete at all, especially in light of the U.S. Governments stated interest in competition and current dependence on Russia  and Silicon Valley Oligarchs for national security land energy, just doesn’t make any sense.

Signed- The American Independent Auto and Energy Industry

Read more: http://www.universetoday.com/111535/spacex-ceo-elon-musk-sues-government-to-break-us-air-forces-national-security-launch-monopoly/#ixzz30NzJIgr9

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