Rich guys can now get any girl to sleep with them; not using Cash, but Chemistry.


It turns out, now, Rich guys can buy chemicals that can get women to do things that they would never do in their right minds. They are using it in most every club in major cities.

Oxytocin sprays, dirty t-shirt emulators, Serotonin relaxers and genetic response manipulation lotions are the new date-rape. One Silicon Valley Millionaire even bought one of the chemical companies, because he is single…(Although from the Google Hooker Death case, “Single” in Silicon Valley is now moot)    Silicon Valley Millionaire VC’s trade formulations and compounds in secretive happy hours at the Rosewood Hotel in Palo Alto.

The chemical psychological manipulation is known as” ‘the set-up”, then they offer the girl, (some of them underage), recreational drugs like “Molly”, Ambien or cocaine and the deed, known as “the drop”  is done. Most of these concoctions cause amnesia, so the girls can become repeat targets.

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