When it absolutely, positively has to remain confidential, companies use The Zipper. Fed-Ex “Old-School” protects company design plans.


Companies now realize that sending their design plans, CAD, campaign plans and electronic layouts by email, or FTP, is the same as handing them directly to Chinese and Korean copy cat factories. Hackers can get into anything on-line with two mouse clicks, these days.

Fed-Ex has become the new security solution.

Fed-Ex is presumed to be very secure. If it was ever discovered that Fed-Ex was allowing their packages to be breached, Fed-Ex would go out of business, almost overnight.

Companies concerned about off-shore intellectual property theft now take their USB drive, CD Rom or papers and put them in a “Tamper-Evident Tyvek envelope” from Office Depot. They then put that inside of six other tamper-evident tyvek envelopes. One inside the other. All sealed with TamperVue Tape (http://www.tamperview.com) along every seam of each envelope. Then they put that into a Fed Ex envelope and hand deliver it to a Fed Ex station.

Problem solved.

On Ebay, pre-2000 cell phones are selling like hot-cakes because they are very hard to hack.

Is Old School technology the way to solve the hacker crisis?

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