(WORLD NEWS) Reddit Roasts Corrupt Tesla Motors

There are many Reddit Posters who bring the pain on Tesla but this one goes full down:

“Just saw this:
“Tesla caught pumping stock with fake orders. Corporate email busts Tesla scam. Is this a credible product? Tesla Motors is under Fed investigation for bribery & corruption; Musk stole the company from Martin the founder; Tesla has been sued many, many times for misdeeds; Tesla took taxpayer $$ yet hired off-shore workers and fired NUMMI union workers; Their batteries blow up when they get wet or overcharge- Tesla’s own patent filings say so; They owe more $ than they can ever pay back. The Leaf does the same thing for $100k less. The billionaire owner got free tax money without earning it; Goldman, K&L Gates, KPCB & their investors put in fake car orders and fake stock buys to pump the stock; They lied to San Jose, Downey, New Mexico and many cities about building a factory in each; The CEO cheated on his wife & business partners; The CEO hires magazines to write glory-stories about him; Telsa has 30 Indian bloggers hired to write fake user postings; The EMF from the car is measured to cause biological damage; They changed the prices on customers after they ordered; They never get their costs right; each car coming off the line has problems according to Musk himself; Selling 4K cars after a decade is a pathetically small # for such a run-of-the-mill electric car; They announce they “intend” to pay the loan back early, yet do not actually pay it back even though the owner has a billion dollars; Former staff have accused the CEO of everything from spying to harassment; When the Feds finally serve their indictments, forensic audits of Tesla will show they lied in their financials; The public calls the car the “Solyndra-Mobile” and say it is an “Un-American Product”; It is made, and priced, by and for Stanford elitist yuppie rich boys; The same six writers that support Tesla have been shown to be paid shills; All of this is well documented. Wouldn’t anyone be ashamed to drive a Tesla?”