Reddit Involved In Massive Cover-Up Of Clinton Cash, DNC Disaster, Wasserman Schultz And Wikileaks News




Reddit, a website that claims to be ‘the front page of internet’, is officially dead.


The soon to be link graveyard has continued to destroy itself by censoring information by the way of bot fraud, shadow bans, political payoffs, and comment suppression.


With 99% of Sundays news focusing on the DNC disaster, Debbie Wasserman Schultz , The Clinton Cash documentary, and the WikiLeaks dump, I would think the front page of Reddit, a reader based news aggregate, would be full of stories about these important events.


Well, think again…


Here is the so-called ‘front page of the internet’ at around 1 AM EST….


1 reddit


2 reddit


3 reddit


25 front page stories and not one mention of the DNC, Clinton, Wasserman Schultz or WikiLeaks.


Lets check the subreddit /r/news…There has to be something there..


4 reddit


5 reddit


6 reddit


NOTHING……Talk about a total news blackout….The number one story is about the Olympics?


Give me a f***ing break….


I wonder how much cash Reddit received from shadowy Clinton groups to keep this news from the front page?


Not enough, because all the cash in the world can’t save Reddit from becoming the next…..




One of the few places on Reddit that had some good coverage was /r/conspiracy.


Ironically, all of the important news comes from a group of “tin foil hat wearing” conspiracy theorists who think the Government was involved in 9/11 and the war on drugs is a fraud.


reddit conspiracy


reddit conspiracy


Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 2.05.05 AM


reddit conspiracy


Unfortunately, Reddit just committed political suicide, just like their co-founder Aaron Swartz. The only difference is Swartz was a champion of free speech and the free flow of information, while Reddit, on the other hand, has become the proverbial ‘gatekeeper’ like Google, Facebook and Twitter.


aaron swartz




To no ones surprise a Reddit MOD killed the story labeling it ‘off topic’ which is hardly the case.




Welcome to Digg…


reddit 2


You can view the thread here…..