PARENT POLICE Now In Full Operations Mode. Hacking Kids Phones!

Kids! Your parents now have software to track you on your phone even if you think your phone is off; watch you on your phone cameras, even if you think your phone is off; watch everything you do on social networks, even if you think it is a “private app”; use your phone as a remote microphone, even if it looks like your phone is turned off; and put ads, or event postings, in front of you, on social networks, to trick you into going to certain events or avoiding certain events.

Whatever you think you are not going to get caught doing, you are wrong. If your phone has left the house with you, your parents might be recording, tracking and monitoring everything you do without you ever knowing it.

Parents can download very cheap software that can hack into any telephone and watch you, get all of your calls, contacts and activities.

Did that secret party get reported to the kids parents who were away on vacation? Your phone!

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Bet H- Rochester