By Danton Lee

At The White House “You can’t swing a cat without hitting a Google employee”

If you were an insane ego-maniacal billionaire with your own personal sex-based religion and you thought you had a plan to take over The White House, and many federal agencies, and make the government send taxpayer cash into your bank vaults would you do it?

Would you do something that crazy just to try to turn your billions into trillions?

This isn’t to say that Eric Schmidt is the guy under discussion here. Yes, if you search the phrase: “Eric Schmidt Sex Penthouse” or “Google Prostitute Murder” in the top search engines, you DO find some raunchy stuff. Eric Schmidt has openly delighted in discussing his “open marriage” and care-free sex life, so he plainly is really focused on inserting his male member into various orifices, but now he wants to insert himself into White House offices.

The news tells us that, yes, Schmidt nearly lives at the White House and many Senators like Grassley and Issa are curious about Schmidt’s special forms of love…for Washington politics.

Yes, too, every other person you run into at the White House works for, just left, is going back to, was suggested by, sleeps with someone from, or is paid by: GOOGLE!

But, aside from the Department of Energy and a bunch of other agencies handing Google the largest kick-backs in American history, there is no other big reason to presume that Eric Schmidt is the guy in the sights of the FBI, GAO, OSC, SEC, FTC or any of those other 3-letter types.

Look, the fact is: Eric Schmidt just got lucky. As with his sex life, he gets lucky whenever he pays to get lucky. He, of course, gave Barack Obama billions of dollars in cash and search engine manipulation. That’s what friends do!

Barack Obama just happened to find that, in all those hundreds of millions of out-of-work and underpaid Americans, ONLY Google people were deserving of jobs in Washington, DC. Obama just happened to discover that ONLY Google qualified for those hundreds of millions of dollars of grants and free loans because Google is, you know, so poor. It was just the luck of the draw.

When will the media leave poor Eric Schmidt alone?