New Game: Find ONE Senator who isn’t taking bribes, ready, set, GO:

Let’s play a game!

With one of the lowest congressional approval ratings in history, Congress today voted to hide even more taxpayer cash in their pockets. They made a law to make their expenses invisible so they can rent private jets and have parties with hookers without being caught.. because, you know; they are so trust-worthy.

So the rules of the game are:

Name one Senator, or Congressperson, who isn’t taking bribes!

That’s it. Those are all of the rules of the game. Do you think it is an easy game?

OK, let’s try it:

Name a Senator or Congress-person then go to this link and enter their name and look at the money they got at this link:

 Donor Lookup –

Then go to these links and look at the parties, private sector jobs, hookers, presents, unbilled campaign search engine optimizations, reduced mortgages, sports tickets, pre-loaded trusts, Goldman Sachs stock, insider tips, family favors, shill reporter articles, and thousands of other equal-to-cash bribes…

 Campaign Contributors Lookup – Melissa Data

  • Use this LookUp to: • Find campaign contributors to federal election by year and by ZIP Code • Get contributor name, amount donated, total amount donated, by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Now, name another Senator…

So, after going through this exercise, you will soon see that nobody in Washington is working for YOU! They are working for 120 corporations and 42 billionaires.

If you are pissed off about something, it just might be their fault for not working on your behalf.

What are you going to do about it?

A. Stare blankly at a tree

B. Vote them back into office because you are scared to try anything different

C. Pledge to vote every single one of them out of office but then, in September or October, someone will say: “Bad guys are going to do bad things” and then you get scared and vote the same old assholes back into office because you are scared to try anything different

D. Demand a third political party that outlaws all contributions and revolving doors

E. Nothing

F. Absolutely nothing

G. Sue your local officials in small claims court

H. Other…

Send in your links. Let’s discuss…



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