How To Win 100% Of Your Political Corruption Lawsuits

How To Win 100% Of Your Political Corruption Lawsuits

To win, you have to lose.

Get Ok with that concept and the world is your oyster.


When you sue the White House, Silicon Valley’s Paypal Mafia Cartel, A Senator’s family or the CIA or some corrupt Senator, their corrupt justice system is never going to let you get to the finish line. You, as a person, will probably not get the money that conventional wisdom thinks that you, personally, could get for the harms done to you.


You will get justice by exposing the crooks. You won’t personally win your case just for yourself but you will win your case for the public interest! The system is rigged against you getting money but it is also rigged against the bad guys that are trying to stay hidden.

You will get to use the biggest weapon on Earth against the dirtiest bastards on Earth. You will get to wield: THE TRUTH, and post the facts about their dirty deeds where the whole planet can see them.

Your case will eventually get dismissed or expire because you will run out of time and money. That is what the bad guys are counting on and you have to count on it too.

Your goal must be to use your case to get all of the other parts of government, the news media and the citizenry to pay attention to the issue and these particular bad guys. Just get every bit of your evidence posted on the Court online filing system as “public” (not secret) documents.

Not everyone can be the legendary Walter L. Tamosaitis, PHD, who won millions of dollars sueing the Department of Energy for lies and corruption. You may not ever get any money from your political corruption lawsuit. But you WILL accomplish other ‘wins‘:

1. You will put the evidence of corruption on permanent public record on the federal court system servers so that the bad guys are exposed.

2. You will point the FBI, DOJ, SEC, FTC, FEC, FINCEN, Congress, Interpol and every other law enforcemet and regulatory agency at the bad guys and place a public notice, on the court records, that their crimes were reported.

3. You will create legal precedents that help future cases against the bad guys.

4. You will provide on-the-record evidence for reporters who will now have more grist for their investigations of the bad guys.

5. You move transparency in public policy a few more steps forward.

You can accomplish all of the above, if you sue ‘in pro per‘ (all by yourself without a lawyer), for free, if you are poor. The Courts do not charge fees to poor people. You just need to write many books of hard forensic evidence to file. You, or one of yor friends, just needs to be a decent writer.

With that approach you will win EVERY SINGLE TIME!

“WINNING” = Shaming and exposing the crooks!

For example, by exposng the fact that every executive that works at Facebook is a scumbag asshole, you can make this hapen:

Walls close in on Zuckerberg as executives desert FACEBOOK...

Complaints Against the Government | USAGov

Call the United States Capitol switchboard at 1-202-224-3121. Suing the Federal Government To bring legal action against a federal agency, you must first contact the agency directly . The agency will provide you with information and forms, and try to settle the problem in-house.

Public Corruption and Civil Rights Section

Attorneys in the Public Corruption and Civil Rights Section prosecute impactful cases aimed at preserving the government’s integrity, reforming corrupt behavior, and protecting citizens’ constitutional rights. The Section works in close partnership with the FBI and other investigative agencies to achieve its goals.

Corruption Laws, Charges & Statute of Limitations

Criminal Law and Procedure 35-45-6-2 defines public corruption as a person who knowingly receives proceeds directly or indirectly that is obtained from a pattern of racketeering activities, and uses the proceeds to acquire interest in property. This corruption crime is a Level 5 felony in Indiana and may be punished by up to seven years in prison.

How to Sue the Government for Negligence Under The FTCA | Nolo

You must file your lawsuit in the United States District Court (the formal name for federal court) either where you live or where your claim arose. For example, say you live in California, but you slipped and fell at a post office while visiting your parents in Arizona. You may file your lawsuit in federal court in California or Arizona.
Sue the President – Stop the Corruption – Gifts Doubled MAKE A TAX-DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTION Stand with the ACLJ to hold the Obama Administration accountable for its outrageous violations of the Constitution. A Tax-Deductible gift today will be matched, dollar for dollar, by a group of ACLJ Members.

Submit a Complaint – U.S. Department of Justice

Complaint against DOJ employee or DOJ funded organization. Report waste, fraud, abuse, or misconduct. Report violations of civil rights or civil liberties. File a complaint with the Office of Professional Responsibility. File a discrimination complaint against a recipient of financial assistance from OJP and COPS or from other Department of …

Government Violations of Civil Rights | Justia

Section 1983 (42 USC Section 1983) is a federal law that allows citizens to sue in certain situations for violations of rights conferred by the US Constitution or federal laws. Section 1983 only provides a right of access to state or federal courts, rather than any substantive rights.

ACLJ Files FIRST Major Lawsuit Against the Biden Administration After …

President Biden’s Deep State agencies are already refusing to cooperate with us to expose government corruption, even with our national security at risk. At the ACLJ, we just filed our FIRST major lawsuit against the Biden Administration. We’ve spent years warning you about the Deep State’s shredding of the Constitution.

Ethics and Public Corruption Laws: Penalties

Legislators, public employees, and other public servants may face severe consequences for violating the public trust. The range of penalties includes censure, removal from office, permanent disqualification from holding any state position, restitution, decades in prison, and fines up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Supervised by malicious judges and corrupt lawyers, this culture of mass prisons and slave labor is sold to the citizens by creating a psychology of fear among USA residents. This climate of fear is nourished in the USA by both the media and the government, who work together with the judges and lawyers to maintain the whole crooked game.

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