In a fictional scenario, for a movie or something, let’s say you discover that a certain “venture capital group” did some felonies, engaged in severe corruption, robbed you, and a few hundred million Americans, and tried to have you killed. Let’s say some of your friends are dead in mysterious ways and their families think these VC’s offed them. Let’s say that federal cops tell you that they are 99.999% certain that this group, let’s call them “Kleban Pustule”, are guilty, but the politics are keeping the cops from completing their cases. “Kleban” has been spending tens of billions of their ill-gotten dollars on the bribery of public officials, and administrators, to prevent the justice system from catching up with them.
What are you going to do?
You take them out!
You are going to find all of the past employees, competitors, journalists, cops and taxpayers that can help and just…   SHUT…  THEM…  DOWN!
Modern technology, amazing forensics, expert analysts, federal investigator tips and clever skills can now accomplish this type of public rat-trapping service. You can set things right, while providing a valuable social service to the world.
You will find everything they ever invested in as a lead, as a follow-on or as an angel.
You will find every employee from those past investments.
You will track down every single asset they have, anywhere on Earth.
You will track down every single place they have illegally hidden their money to avoid paying taxes.
You will find every employee or contractor they have sexually, emotionally, financially or intellectual abused and help those victims fight back.
You will find every investor that has invested in any past aspect of any part of their ownership portfolio.
You will document every one of their “Angel-Gate” meetings.
You, or a friend, will go work at “Kleban” as an “intern”.
You will find every wife they cheated on, every mistress they said they would marry but lied to and every intern they jerked around.
You will get all of the camera footage and register data from the Rosewood Hotel.
You will get all of the driving records from their Tesla’s, that the Chinese hackers are now selling.
You will chart every one of their stock transactions, valuation jumps and “Flash-Boy” stock incursion manipulation points for the past 10 years.
You will find every engineer that was abused by their “Anti-Poaching Conspiracy”.
The 3-letter agency people will break into “Kleban”, multiple times, pick the locks on things and grab the rest of the evidence that they could not hack off of “Kleban’s” servers. The 3-letter agencies will begin sifting through the hard copy while the computers sift through the digital data with comparison software.
You will get the database of every email, phone call, text message and GPS movement for them for the last 10 years.
You will find every prostitute they ever hired.
You will find every restaurant bill they ever paid and get the security camera, audio and video, from those restaurants on the days that they were there.
You will find every expense item they lied about, to their investors, the tax people or their families.
Do those tasks sound hard? The spy Database called XKEYSCORE can pull all that off in 35 minutes. If your 3-letter partner does not have access to that database, there are 22+ nearly duplicate versions and they will have at least 12 of those right on their laptops.
You will offer bounties for help on this program and you will find that many people, from many venues will support the cause.
Each one of the billions of dollars in their bank account will be turned into tell-tale tracking markers that leave digital dye trails, around the planet, as they move from secret family trust fund, to Cayman Islands account to Super Pac to Senator’s pocket.
You and your group of helpers will be slow, careful and methodical. It may take years.
When Solyndra disappeared over-night, or Abound Solar, or ENER1, or Fisker or HSBC or a glut of other shady, iffy, not-quite-right, big players, everybody thought hmmm, “even with billions of dollars of resources, they just vaporized”.
The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
Wouldn’t that make a great film?