Per the 60 Minutes Story, Below:



1. They promised to have their law-firms and controlled organizations (ie: NVCA, Perkins, etc) funnel a series of contributions to candidates campaigns.

2. They threatened competing candidates with getting their campaign funds for the next election cut off.

3. They handed out tickets to Washington, DC, LA and Sacramento sports and concert events.

4. They paid for incentive travel.

5. They got controlled members of Congress to pass laws which gave those investors companies billions of dollars of profit potential that they otherwise would not have had.

6. They arranged for people who worked for The White House, DOE & Treasury, etc. to get over-payed bribe jobs if they left those public offices and worked as consultants and employees in other companies who could control the process in Washington DC.

7. They gave real estate deals to friends to buy favors.


FYI: EVERY new investor in Tesla will be deeply investigated by the media and consumer groups.