GUARDIAN: Is AMAZON just the world’s biggest sting operation? Is AMAZON all just a front?

The Guardian, In England, proposes an interesting theory:

“Regarding AMAZON, Let’s see –

– They want to run a drone fleet.

– They host all of the main spy servers and software.

– They send your orders to have bugging devices put in them if you are on a “trouble-maker” list.

– They took over the biggest political information publication in Washington: The Washington Post.

– They conduit more money to/and from Washington than almost any other company outside of Silicon Valley.

– The media stories saying they are, say that they are.

– They copy each of Google’s spy efforts.

– and other spooky thing..”

What do you think? Send in your links, let’s discuss…

TA- Consumer Electronics Show staff


HA! The two biggest lies ever told at The Guardian:

#1.“I won’t squirt in your mouth”

#2. “We didn’t make copies of those hard drives on USB sticks that we carefully tucked up our bungholes”

Ever the trouble-makers; there is no way the breeding ground for Glenn Greenwald didn’t make every secret copy of that stuff that they could.