Google keeps a psychological profile on every American and seeks to identify Republicans and “Fix Them…”

By Andy Oscar, New York Times Advisor

If you post cute pictures of German Shepherds then Google thinks you are a Republican. Google’s analytical system thinks that because Nazi’s all had German Shepherds that your love for German Shepherds makes you a GOP-lover.

You may have posted those pictures on Facebook or Snapchat. It does not matter. Google scours every social network on Earth.

Your innocent pictures of cats, dogs, kids and Christmas parties reveal huge amounts of psychological Rorschach Test background about the inner workings of your mind. Google loves to know about your thoughts.

Larry Page, Jared Cohen and Eric Schmidt sincerely believe that they are doing “the right thing” by being your digital interventionist. They believe that there is nothing wrong with covertly building a psychological profile on you, personally, adding to it every hour and using that information to manipulate your buying habits, voting habits and mass social trends. They believe that anything is OK for their vision of the “greater good.” So did Hitler.

Google’s drones, phones, fiber networks, satellites, Nest devices, web services, driverless cars and other oddball products all have one thing in common. They watch you electronically and send the information back to Google’s data storage servers.

“Well, it is all free”, you say, “Why should I care?”

Because you are being date raped!

You are being drugged up with marvelous free shiny technology so that you will be too intoxicated with goodies to notice that Google has shoved it’s DNS probe as far up your rectum as possible…all the way to your brain stem.

Afterwards you will start to remember that something happened the night you let Google in but you won’t be able to quite put your finger on it.

Your PSTD will keep you from questioning why you always have this uncertain feeling about Good Old Uncle Google.

Larry Page, Jared Cohen and Eric Schmidt, the key sultans of Google, believe that using billions of dollars of digital mood manipulation, news censorship, subliminal messaging, character assassination, mass perception steering, impression subtle-insertion sequences, and other tricks you ever heard of, is OK because they know what is right. Google is a social engineering program. Google is digital Apartheid. Google is the creator of electronic genocide…but in a quite deceptive manner.

They and are their staff of raping, intern abusing, hooker hiring, hooker-murdered, Senator bribing, sex-penthouse-owning, sex-club-member, no-black-hiring, no-woman-hiring, frat house elitist yuppie guys certainly must know what is “right”.