Google is a criminal empire.

Google receives hundreds of billions of dollars of exclusive government handouts at the expense of taxpayers and competitors. Google operated a monopolistic empire using state and federal funding in violation of anti-trust laws and business ethics. Google ordered, and operated “hit jobs” on competitors using state and federal staff and resources. Google has an executive team which strategically plans, organizes and implements the penetration of state and federal government agencies in order to illicitly steer funds and government policy to the will of Google’s owners. Google pays its public policy agents with cash, stock warrants, revolving door jobs, stock valuation manipulations, search engine rigging and mass-market mood manipulation data rigging worth tens of billions of dollars in unreported campaign funding and influence buying. Google orders it’s staff, within government agencies, to curtail all law enforcement and regulatory control of Google’s actions. Google programs its employees to believe that anything that Google does is for “the greater good” and that “Google mindfulness must always prevail” in a manner that abuses naive young employees and sets them up to not question Google’s actions.

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