Federal Agency Heads Called Out For Enabling Attacks On U.S. Taxpayers





From a letter sent to agency heads today:





August 4th, 2016





Dear Agency Chief:





I am one of, and represent others of, the U.S. taxpaying citizens who were targeted and attacked in the Cleantech Crash because we helped our nation.



To be clear, we were asked by Federal and State officials to expend our time, money, brands, assets and other resources to help with a critical national domestic mission and we got devastating “hit-jobs” put on us. Those “hit-jobs” and attacks have now been proven to have been operated by government employees.



In requesting help, and justice, from your offices, we have found none.



What kind of message does this send to the 300 million + voters of America who may, themselves, one day be asked to also help law enforcement and national interests, as we were? While the inner cities are running out of control, drug cartels control large sections of neighborhoods and human trafficking is escalating, law enforcement promotes the message: “just give us a tip”.



We gave a few tips and got hit-jobs, character assassinations, web search rigging, device hacks, blacklists, threats, and more, in return. How can the public be asked to help the law enforcement and regulatory staff when the only thing they can expect in return is to get themselves attacked? How can whistle-blowers be asked to give tips when the head of the federal whistle-blower agency: Darrell Whitman, had to sue the Federal Agency That Protects Whistleblowers Because That Agency Is Accused of Retaliating Against One of Their Own?



We did our national duty. We did “the right thing”. For our trouble we get stone-walling, slow-walking, “missing hard drives” and arbitrary interpretations of agency directives that consumer rights are “outside of our jurisdiction” or “not in our mandate” or some other obfuscation language which means: “Our Agency won’t help you because our Chief Administrators are either running cover-ups or may soon be arrested”. That will give the voters quite a bit to think about.



You need to stand up and do the job the American people pay your agency to do. I pay your agency to do this job. You need to demonstrate a proactive ability to protect the taxpayers of America and make certain that none of your employees are simply running cover for a handful of corrupt campaign financing billionaires.



THIS is the reason the 2016 elections have taken such a dramatic turn. THIS is the reason the voters of America are so upset. Your agency has no reason to exist, per the Founding Fathers, unless you serve the individual taxpayers that pay you. When will that service begin, for me and the rest of us who were attacked?


“That isn’t in our job description” is not an acceptable answer!








Scott and the Alliance












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