EVERYTHING you say, do or text on any tablet, phone or computer is recorded for years and indexed, archived and psychologically analyzed

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The combined Snowden and Wikileaks papers now reveal a shudder inducing reality: “EVERYTHING you say, do or text on any tablet, phone or computer is recorded for years and indexed, archived and psychologically analyzed”

The Chinese do it to Americans and their own people; The Americans do it to Americans and Chinese politicians and businessmen; The Russians do it to Americans and Politicians; The British do it to anybody that falls in their nets because James Bond is from England; Brazil and Mexico do it to tourists…and on and on.

The fact is: any electronic device should be considered a public announcement system. Any time you cheat on your partner, it is recorded and analyzed. Hire a hooker? – recorded and analyzed. Sexting? – recorded. Take “private nude pictures for your boyfriend? – recorded, archived and analyzed. Masturbate? – Recorded in high definition sound and HD video!

If you lower your voice in a conversation on a device, while making sidelong glances – it is recorded for years and indexed, archived and psychologically analyzed.

The cameras on every electronic device are watching you without your knowledge. They are watching you get undressed. they are watching you take a shower. They are watching you have sex. They are watching you at the beach when you called in sick.

When you turn your device off, it isn’t actually off unless you pull the battery all the way out of it. That is why all the new Samsung ads talk about how you can remove the battery on their phones and you can’t on an Apple. Fancy phone sales have been dropping like a rock because nobody wants to pay big bucks just to buy a device that provides a fancier way to spy on themselves. The only upside Samsung is left with is to allude to the battery pull, a thing you could always do with their phones, but now it is AN EXTRA BIG DEAL for personal privacy reasons! Samsung was clever, turning a bug into a feature. Many people now cut the back panel of the Galaxy phone in half, put fabric tape over the cut to make a hinge, and then have an instant battery pop-out solution. Everyone now tapes over both cameras on the Galaxy. With a little tape, you can have your shower privacy back. Ms. Teen California, who got hacked and shower recorded, did not find this out until it was too late.

Do you own a device “Faraday Cage” Do you even know what one is? Why not? Look up “Faraday Cage signal blocking ” online and see what it is.

The best part is that it isn’t just the CIA and the NSA and the GCHQ and the ex-KGB watching you. It is Ukrainian hackers and your neighbor’s kid and old guys living in their mother’s basements.

The secret “backdoors”, that were built into all of the devices and Cisco servers and routers, are now wide open to anybody. The spies dropped the keys on the sidewalk and the homeless guys picked them up.

So, now you need to protect yourself from the creepy peeping toms that want to watch you take a shower. Here are some tips:



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