Contact the Silicon Valley Vc’s to help with AFGHANISTAN DISASTER

Contact the Silicon Valley Vc’s to help with AFGHANISTAN DISASTER

By now, everyone is familiar with the mineral and cleantech scandal known as AFGHANI-SCAM!

A group of the Silicon Valley VC’s are directly implicated in the creation of, and complicity in, the operation of this scandal.

It cost Afghans, and the U.S. part of their economy.

It created rife corruption.

It cost Afgan’s and U.S. soldiers their lives.

It destroyed Fisker, Solyndera, A123, Abound, Enerdel and a host of insider crony companies taking U.S. taxpayer dollars along with them.

With all that they have done to the poor people of Afghanistan, now comes the loss of thousands and thousands of lives in a horrific landslide catastrophe.

The Silicon Valley VC’s OWE Afghanistan and it is time for them to pay up.

An international alliance of organizations are asking the public to contact the following VC’s and STRONGLY request that they each donate at least $100 Million (They can each easily afford it)  to The International Red Cross for Afghan Relief at:

Please help with this horrible tragedy. No resources have been left in this region for local support.

You can contact each of the VC’s at the contact information below:

The Westly Group (Under Investigation)
Steve “The Fix” Westly  (Under Investigation)- email:  or

Technology Partners
Ira “Linguini” Erenpries (Under Investigation)- email:  or

Firelake Capital  (Under Investigation)- email:

Kliener Perkins (Sued for Sexual Abuse)(Under Investigation)
John “Doe” Doerr  (Under Investigation)- email:  and
Ray “The Sausage” Lane (Charged with Tax Fraud)- email:   and
Tom Perkins (Under Investigation)- email:   and

Elon “The MuskRat” Musk (Sued on multiple charges of fraud by shareholders)- email:

The Google Boys  (Under Investigation)
Eric Schmidt- email:
Sergy Brin- email:
John Doerr- see above
Elon Musk- see above

Jonathan” Slippery” Silver (Fired) (Under Investigation)- email:

Draper Fisher (Under Investigation)
Tim “I want-to-run-my-own-state” Draper (Under Investigation)- email:
Steve Jurvetson  (Under Investigation)- email:

Khosla Ventures (Under Investigation)
Vinohd Khosla- email:
Condolezza Rice- email:

Tom “Fettucine” Styer (Under Investigation)- email:

Steven “The Rat” Rattner (Indicted)- email:

Raj “I-Am-Untouchable” Gupta (Indicted) (IN JAIL)- email:

Richard Blum- CBRE- email:

We will add contact information as it is provided but, please, also look on web searches to source other contact information for each.


SOMO Multi-writer team & UNESCO Aids


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