‘-Elon Musk’s new worst Enemies: The Russian Billionaires

Elon Musk’s new worst Enemies: The Russian Billionaires

A lot of people hate Elon Musk: Ex-wives, ex-girlfriends, ex-partners, ex-employees, ex-competitors, ex-customers, ex-suppliers, current competitors…you name it. Many of them have already sued him for fraud in federal court. Many more are preparing to.

But nobody takes the cake for hating Musk, and having the resources to hate him good, like the Russian billionaires Musk, and his investors, screwed over.

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First, Musk and his investors took the Russian Billionaires for a ride in the AFGHANI-SCAM scandal.

Next, Musk spent massive amounts of money with his Space-x company to cut the Russian billionaires out of the defense contracting industry. He has now filed legal papers to legally blockade the Russian billionaires from getting near space. He has jerked over about 40 OF THEM!!!! (40 times $50 Billion average holdings… hmmmmm.. Musk must really be loaded to deal with that fire-power)

So, if only half the movies about what Russian billionaires do when they are pissed off at a guy, like Musk, are true… shouldn’t Musk be buying a tank about now?

What is up with Musks Ego issues?




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