Matt Drudge Disclosure of Hillary Lesbianism Could Backfire

By Connie Sistly For Town Hall

Hillary Clinton’s support from American males has been sinking like a rock but the revelation by Ginnifer Flowers, Matt Drudge and former security staff could up-end things.

Recent polls show that most U.S. males have a 98% favorable response to visions or suggestions of Huma Abedin nestled between the thighs of the Presidential hopeful.

In all fairness, that fantasy image polled well for Huma with EITHER Trump or Clinton.

Cartoonist Ben Garrison has long suggested lesbian love between the two and the aggressive pro LGBT  stance of the current administration is thought to be driven by Clinton’s love for the taco.

In trying to damage Clinton prospects, mny males will be reminded on Bill Clinon’s constant sex in the White House and wish to see Hillary and Huma spread out on the desk in the oval office. Drudge has lit  a fuse on a strange potential destiny.

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