Don’t be dumb about what Reddit really is: “Reddit is a Psych Warfare Unit for a group of crazed billionaires.”
Reddit’s Venture Capitalists are campaign financiers who use Reddit to control voters perceptions. They run all of the Reddit users through Palantir Mood Analysis Software, Axciom personality scans, LucidWorks intention prediction tests, Recorded Future intention and mood manipulation processors and qualitative perspective algorithms. Then they adjust which comments are upvoted according to which war they want to start to make a profit.
These financiers are nutso billionaires who will bribe, kill and lie to keep their power, their billions and their narcissitic bubble wrapped tightly around their bank vaults.
Do not ever think that Reddit issues are just about some blogger attitudes. It is about who controls public opinion for political special interests, over at Reddit command-central. If you don’t know who In-Q-Tel and Kleiner Perkins are, and how they fit into the control machine at Reddit, you need to find out fast.
The Millenial kids, that get wrapped up in the trivial gamer arguments, on Reddit, are just free content labor for the Silicon Valley Cartel.
Was Aaron Schwartz set-up and killed because he wouldn’t “play the game”? Was Ellen Pao offed from management because she dared to stand up to Kleiner Perkins? Why was Reddit the only live AMA that Obama did globally? Why was Victoria really fired from Reddit? When someone finds out Reddit’s secret, why do people suddenly go away”?