DOE Corruption Ran Deep

DOE misdeeds screw up new DOE staff beyond belief.

So the DOE has billions of dollars stuck in this bank account. The federal law says you can only use the money to build green alternative energy cars. It is taxpayer money and many people were concerned that someone would try to steal it (even though they did, ie: Fisker, etc.) that they made the law really, really good.

They MUST use the money to help American companies who want to build alternative energy cars.

Everybody keeps trying to swipe the cash for their other private kickback schemes but each time they get close they realize they can get sued for misappropriation.

So… since the only way to use the taxpayer money is to, you know, use it for what it was originaly intended for, they have to use it for that.

Ahh but here is the amazing rub. They offered it to every company in America who could possibly have used it ONCE ALREADY. All of those companies said: “Yes, we really need it!” and applied for it.

But every one of them had their applications manipulated by DOE staff so that they got screwed, lied to, stone-walled, blockaded, and shut out, EXCEPT FOR a handful of insider companies who happen to have been the biggest campaign contributors.

So, only those few got the money and all of their potential competitors got killed off.


Now DOE insiders are trying to use that money because it is, just sitting there, BUT, the only people that they can legally give it to ARE THE VERY COMPANIES THEY SCREWED IN THE ASS! They already had everybody who was qualified apply the first time.

The CEO’s and founders of those companies, ie: Bright Automotive, have published very public denouncements of the DOE sham.

So in order to make things right, DOE needs to call each of those past applicants back, apologize, and make things right.

It isn’t good to screw with taxpayers and American business owners.

DOE owes a make-up kiss to the 168 original applicants who applied and got shafted or they are NEVER, EVER getting that money out of there without careers evaporating. Let’s see how Moniz plays this. Will he Money up or Chu Down? “Show me the Moniz”, says Bright Automotive.

P.B- Wall Street Journal