Did Social Media Just Die?

Social media stocks are dropping. Buyers are not paying for Apps. Kids are turning away from the bullying and drama and BS of it all. Investors are seeing the writing in the wind. The world has realized that social media is a scam that uses them for information rather than a resource for them to use. There does not seem to be anything on social media that anyone actually needs, it is all just distraction. The abuse is beyond control. Adults see it for what it is. Silicon Valley, it’s creator, is now one of the most hated places on Earth. The sexist structures of each social media company have now been exposed. What is the future of this anti-social media reality?

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Keeping Social Media Alive | Social Media Today

Here are four of the most important things we can do so that Social Media doesn’t die.

Did yahoo give up on having a social media platform like …

Best Answer: Yes. Yahoo had a functional, if not popular social media site called, simply, 360. Few took advantage of the fairly good resources that were available there, so it was abandoned and removed. No plans exist for a revival of anything of the sort so far as I know, for they know it …