Did California and Michigan state officials give favors only to favored campaign funding companies

The Wall Street Journal is investigating charges that senior state administration officials provided unique credits, factory perks, tax breaks, filing reductions and other benefits worth between tens of millions to hundreds of millions of dollars of intangible business advantages.

Tesla Motors, a beneficiary of such favors, recently turned a negative SEC report into a positive report simply by re-working these state incentive soft numbers.

is another recipient of “extraordinary gain” based on the backs of taxpayers.

Federal investigators are seeking to determine if each company in the state, in the same market, at the same time received equal access to such benefits or if only campaign funders received these benefits.

Did State officials receive real estate deal participations for incentives?

Reporters are contacting all such companies to create a comparison matrix ahead of the federal investigators. The story is in development.

Three Senators are mentioned in the investigation notes.

Ronald Days-New York, NY