By Carl Limn for The Federalist Blog

Over 15 years ago the news reported that Russia was buying up old IBM Selectric typewriters and putting old metal filing cabinets back into big warehouses. Russia had said it did it for “security reasons”. This was in the press internationally. It was the first obvious clue that Russian knew what was coming. I saw it. Everybody must have seen it. Russian moved its government back to paper.

The “CIA Cyber Attack on Russia” which was, strangely, announced in advance by Joe Biden and others, may not yield any fruit. The talk said that the attack would source up embarrassing things for Putin but if Putin has had no embarrassing things that are digital, then there is a challenge.

What is needed is a James Bond with a jet pack and a crow bar to scoot into the sky-light of one of these warehouse and pry open those file cabinets and grab some shots with his tiny Minolta Minox camera.

Russia clearly expected an epic cyber attack long ago and they did “the ridiculous” to compensate for it.

Russia is well known for cyber-trickery. Russia’s thousands of groups like “The Agency” sit up all night and troll the web with misdirection, smoke-screens and time-wasters. Russia’s “The Agency” are just the sort of folks to put ten thousands servers full of files named “Putin video sex with goats #1”, “Putin video sex with goats #2”, etc. in a Moscow warehouse only to have CIA hackers discover that the files really contain Clinton on Epstein’s “Sex Island” along with about 40 viruses.

In the Brad Pitt Zombie movie: “World War Z” there are two scenes that dramatize this concept. In one sequence Brad Pitt is interviewing a captured CIA agent and asks how North Korea was the only country able to stop the Zombies. He is told: “The North Korean’s pulled out every single tooth of every person in North Korea”. In another sequence, Pitt is told that only Israel was able to build a defense system because Israel created a government designed to do the unthinkable. In that instance the unthinkable, for Israel, was thinking there could be a Zombie attack.

For Russia it was thinking there could be an epic Cyber Attack and converting all of its files back to paper.

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