The Amazing Corruption of Dianne Feinstein -

The Amazing Corruption of Dianne Feinstein -


11 months
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Dianne Feinstein: The Shame Of Politics In San Francisco

- She uses politics to grow her husbands stock market assets and destroys any of her constituents who competes with her businesses

- She ran the crookedest part of the Tesla and Solyndra crony government payola

- Feinstein faces growing storm on the left

- Feinstein's Daughter: Kathryn, used to party at friends houses in San Francisco and recorded some scandalous insights about her mom over a few bottles of red wine

- Feinstein's home has been regularly droned and placed under surveillance by public activists

- CBRE Realty, which the Feinstein's control, has had it's financial records and covert off-shore accounts leaked in the Panama Papers and Swiss Leaks

- Dianne Feinstein, the oldest member of the Senate, has been the target of sustained liberal criticism.

- Meet The Vast Nepotism If Dianne Feinstein. Herb Newman of Sausalito, California is a Staffing service owner of Newman Search at his office at 1707 bridgeway # 3 in Sausalito, California. He is her relative and as a family member, he promises clients that he will get "old Dianne" to get his client's tax breaks and regulatory bypasses. He got the staffing contracts for Tesla and Solyndra because his relationship with Dianne Feinstein meant he could put her staff and friends in sweet jobs as kick-backs. Feinstein family covertly own the real estate, construction, staffing suppliers, stock market stocks, railroad deals and other crony scams for Solyndra, Tesla and many other business efforts that Feinstein rigged taxpayer cash for in exchange for campaig finances and search engine rigging.

- Feinstein used lithium batteries for her personal stock portfolio and screwed over 40 California companies for her profits.

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