DOE, are you kidding?

By A CODA Executive

Read these quotes:

“We are outraged by the actions of the DOE and it is clear that this was a political decision in a highly-charged, election year environment, Carbon CEO William Santana Li said in a prepared statement. Li said Anderson-based Bright Automotive, General Motors, Chrysler, XP, Next Auto, Aptera all have been hurt by the DOE’s loan process. Bright called it quits late last month after it gave up on receiving a $450 million DOE loan. “Each of these applicants has been caught for several years in a costly and extensive DOE due-diligence process,” Li said. “Carbon Motors simply appears to be the last victim of this political gamesmanship.” The company said it had lined up an additional $200 million in loans based on the DOE loan receiving approval. Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels said he was “deeply disappointed for the people of Connersville and those who tried to bring this promising business here. It would have been far better if the federal government had never gone into the banking business. Companies like Carbon that might have proceeded and succeeded with a conventional business plan were seduced into wasting irreplaceable years chasing federal subsidies that never happened,” Daniels said.

BRIGHT AUTOMOTIVE hands DOE Officials their asses in full-disclosure letter to national media…”

“Former Tesla and Coda Motors top executive pens article damning DOE crony market rigging…”

American companies call U.S. Department of Energy: “…The most shameless, cowardly agency in America..” Asks: “How can they attack, sabotage and destroy hundreds of American innovators, get caught doing it, and then never offer the victims a single off-set, “sorry”, or re-do? It is the epitome of hubris and non-responsive public policy…” say CEO’s. “They should be ashamed of themselves for destroying the nations innovation lead in the world…”

“…  Vectrix had amazing potential and great people. “If the DOE wanted to sabotage all of these companies to keep them from competing with their campaign finance buddies at Tesla, Kleiner and Google then they should have just told us all, up front, that you could only get the funding if you were part of those 3 financers. Instead, they defrauded us all into wasting billions of dollars, and years of our lives, for nothing. They don’t need to fund our car companies now, but they owe us cash for the devastating attacks and frauds they laid on over 100 American companies..”, he said.

There are thousands of such comments.
Are Department of Energy and White House officials really thinking that the entire planet does not know?

Two questions?

  1. What are these politicians smoking?
  2.  When are they going to make things right?