Are specific politicians using the NSA for private personal vendetta’s and to hit their business competitors?

Politicians are neither military officers nor law enforcement officers, they are business men. Most of them are in the positions they are in because of special financial business backers. They sometimes do things for the greater profit
rather than for the greater domestic good.

Can a politician who is jewish cause the NSA resources to be used against Palistinean business interests? Can a Senator funded by Comcast use NSA resources to harm NETFLIX? Can a Chevron oil backed Senator use the NSA to take deals away from Gazprom in Algeria?

Recent revelations by senior federal staff have confirmed that the NSA resources were, indeed, used to track, harass and stalk lovers, ex-wives and business competitors.

The cross link of the database resources now allows any Mayor of any city to access much of that data simply by saying: “they suspect something”.

Snowden recently made an announcement that the main problem he had with the abuse of spying was that it was not being used to fight bad guys, in many cases, but for “economic spying” to advantage one group of investors over another.

Let’s say, for example, that Senator Dianne Feinstein’s husband, Richard Blum, is pissed off because he found out that Steve Wynn and Sidney Adelson are competing against his CBRE real estate company in Las Vegas for a big convention center contract. Is it possible for Dianne Fienstein to tell her chief of staff to tell Eric Holder’s chief of staff to tell an investigator to: “Pull some dirt on Adelson”? or, even more insidious: “take down his other investments so he has less cash to play with”!

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