Animal Rights Groups Demand End To Horse Sex “Revenge-Bestiality” in Elite Woodside, California




Woodside, California is the home of the rich, white, Silicon Valley high-technology windfall billionaires, and associated movie stars. At the Woodside Bakery you will find movie star Michelle Pfeiffer buying muffins next to Google’s Eric Schmidt while, nearby, Jon Doerr fingers his baguette to test it’s crust.



Everyone drives a Tesla, or a high end BMW, in Woodside. The children are all dressed in couture kid fashions. Everyone wears corporate logos all over their body when they ride their $8000.00 bicycles and the smiles are a carefully crafted facade.



In addition to the many rules of visible wealth show-casing, that one must follow, in Woodside, one item tops all others. To be perceived to be at the top of the heap, you must have a horse. The more, the richer.



Everyone in Woodside tries to have a horse.



Your Woodside horse is your ultimate statement of your ability to dominate and express your richness and control.



Most of the men in Woodside went to Stanford, were socially programmed by fraternities and joined the insider club of collusion on Sandhill Road. This Sandhill Road club of white men, from certain rich families, is a fraternity-based group of men who decide which companies will get funded, which companies will get black-listed and how they can self-deal, between each other, to keep the cash within their own little Cartel. They collude on deals, political bribery and sexual dalliances with interns.



As a rule, these men marry either: 1.) A hot, but intense looking, Asian girl from a Stanford sorority 2.) a blonde, bippity-bop, stripper-looking, cheerleader girl with a nose and boob job from a Stanford sorority or 3.) A Jewish girl from a Stanford sorority (or on loan from a Yale sorority) that their parents told them to marry. In all cases, they are known as “Trophy Wives” and they are on a short fuse.



As soon as they have served their sex tool, and baby-oven purpose, the rich Woodside men kick them to the curb in order to upgrade to a younger model with flatter abs.



Near the end of the “use-cycle” the marital sex has winnowed down to nothing and the women are in the first stages of the realization that they were just used as disposable objects. This get’s them mad and their thirst for revenge is equal only to their horniness.



This has led to an inordinate number of Woodside, and Atherton, trophy wives having sex with their husband’s prize mare, and then bragging to the, now despised, husband: “I did your horse, he was ten times better than you will ever be!”



While horse sex is not legal in California, the private sex clubs of the rich and powerful, in Woodside, sometimes feature “Pony Shows” in their fancy, large, private indoor equestrian centers. These exclusive, invite-only, sex parties are the exact same kind of party featured in the Stanley Kubrick Film: “EYES WIDE SHUT”. Many believe that the very sex party, portrayed in that film, was modeled on the monthly sex party that still takes place at a certain Mansion, off Woodside Road, in Silicon Valley’s nastiest little suburb. When you watch the rich guy, secret, epic sex party in EYES WIDE SHUT, know that it is a regular occurrence in Woodside, on weekends.



Woodside trophy wives use the act to shame their husbands, as they are forced out the door of the mansion with only broken promises, and 2.5 kids, to hang on to for the rest of their lives.



While a woman alone, can engage in the act with the horse; sometimes three or four, highly intoxicated, trophy wives, at the end of a “girl’s night out” coordinate the act in the teak and designer architect-ed equestrian structures of the rich and famous.



The act is highly disturbing for the horse and can have permanent, negative, psychological effects on the horse. Horses are emotionally sensitive and have the intellect of a 5 year old. A brain chemical, called Oxytocin, is released, in the horses brain during the act, and this bonds them to the woman, who they will never see again, after the night of debauchery. Many a horse has suffered from a mental break-down after such sexual abuse.



Animal rights advocates have had enough. Equipped with cameras with night vision, they are sneaking around the woods of Woodside, Portola Valley and Atherton, in California’s center of white richness, seeking to catch the abusers in the act.



The large double-doors of the mansions, in Woodside, allow the horses to be brought, Mr. Ed-like, right into the homes. The window-peeking animal rights activists have turned into high-tech peeping toms, equipped with mini-drones, and other gadgets, with which they are looking to document the “equine indiscretions”.



Just outside the entrance to Woodside, at the next freeway exit, sits the Rosewood Hotel, famed for afternoon sex romps with interns from Sandhill Road, this high-end hotel features Thursday and Saturday night pick-up parties for hookers and kinky sex partners. The bar, and lobby, host hot looking people who use hand signals and suggestive “code words” to arrange their sex encounters. The rich, married men of Woodside, pay up to $10,000.00 per night for “anything-goes” weird sex with the young ladies. This, along with the large number of EYES WIDE SHUT elite sex parties in the area, creates a covert culture of sexual extremism.



With “normal” revenge sex being too routine, and boring, for this crowd, the poor horses of Woodside are forced to help pay the piper.